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Originally posted by Luvya
Need I say more? Horowitz and Argerich
Argerich's skill on this piece is absolutely unmatched. Amazing. I have a seperate iPod for classical music, but this is the one classical piece I carry on my everyday iPod.

Argerich's skill is in fact not so good on this piece. She rushes through at a ridiculous pace and hits wrong notes everywhere in the third movement. 


You should listen to Horowitz's debut recording, now that's something :D

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1-Rachmaninoff - Rachmaninov Concerto No.3 - Vladimir Horowitz

RCA (1978)


2-Rachmaninoff - Rachmaninov Piano Concer Tos Nos.1 & 3 - Nikolai Lugansky, Cbso, Sakari Oramo

Warner Classics (2003)


These are two versions I have. both are remarkable. In the liner notes for The Horowitz cd it indicates he trained for this performance like an athlete.

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Do you know if Argerich's version is available as a 24 bit Hi res download?


Thank You

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For me, I absolutely love:

Byron Janis
Antal Dorati conducting
Label is Mercury

Man, is this thread old..........
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