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I haven't heard the 1951 Horowitz version, but the 1970s edition (forgot the exact year) was a live recording and as a performance is one of the most exilerating I've ever heard on record.

There is a reissue of this done by RCA in the last few years (I have a copy) that is remastered in 24/96. It is an improvement.

I also have the very recently released Volodos/Levine DSD/SACD version (Sony). It is a BEAUTIFUL recording and easily the most MUSICAL interpretation I've ever heard (haven't heard the Agerich, but I'm sure it must be excellent, as I've heard heard play other concerti). Yet, the approach taken by this duo would appear to be a bit too heady, based on Rachmaninoff's own testimony regarding the conception of the piece. If we are to take him at his word, then, Horowitz's emotionally-charged bravura would seem to be the more faithful to the composer's intentions.

I must say, having heard both, that if I had to pick one, it would be Horowitz's.
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Another thread back from the dead

This is the only recording I have heard of Rach 3rd, but I really like it. It's not the best recording in the world, but the performance is very nice:

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If you like Dorati (I have it and like it too), try Argerich - even more ferocious and better sound too.
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iirc there are 2 argerich versions of the 3rd - imho the better (and more ferocious) one is the live one (by philips) coupled with tchaikovsky's 1st.
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i agree that the Philips Live Argerich recording is the performance i always turn to. it's electrifying.

FWIW, i do enjoy the recent Lang Lang SACD release on Telarc. the performance is "different" and the sonics are absolutely stellar.
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I saw Lang Lang do the second in Vermont about 4 years ago -- when he just came to the US I think...in any case, he was very good. Not excellent, but very good. It will be interesting to see where he is in 15 years.
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Originally posted by Luvya
Need I say more? Horowitz and Argerich
Argerich's skill on this piece is absolutely unmatched. Amazing. I have a seperate iPod for classical music, but this is the one classical piece I carry on my everyday iPod.
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Originally posted by Tyson
If you like Dorati (I have it and like it too), try Argerich - even more ferocious and better sound too.
Excellent, will have to check that out.
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i love Rachmaninov. great stuff... wish i could write music that good. not too romantic for me--can never be. heh he.
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actually, if you all dont mind mono sound, try anything by horowitz. rach (himself a fantastic pianist) himself is said to have said that horowitz played it as he wanted to.

i have a copy of rach himself playing the 2nd and 3rd concertos. he is certainly more a horowitz than an argerich, though argerich is an artiste that i have come to respect.
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i have the original Rach recordings too.... and i honestly don't like them much. i mean, i realize the guy's the master.... but i dunno... he kinda just blazes through the whole thing. doesn't feel too emotional to me. he sure can play fast though.... dang.
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Hello, although this isn't the 3rd, you may also want to check out Helene Grimaud's version of Piano Concerto #2 (et al) on Teldec.
Sh'es hot.

I have that CD, but I have not heard any other performance other than an old recording performed by Rachmaninov himself.

As for the Rachmaninov 3rd, all I have is an Infinity Digital recording, can't recall the performer, and I have no reference to judge it. Good for me, anyway.
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a bit OT, but..

abt the speed.. it is a well known fact that classical artistes and conductors of the past took much much much faster tempos than their present day counterparts of today. frankly i'm more for faster tempos than slower ones to show off their 'profundity'. i had a listen to barenboim's interpretation of moz's pno conc 21. ugh. so slow. so so slow.

abt the emotion.. it is a fact that orchestras nowadays tune their instruments higher than in the past.

this added brilliance can subtly bring about a high(er) charged emotional setting to a piece.
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continuing my OT spree,

abt the 2nd, my fav by far is by jandos on NAXOS. very very nice. excellent digital recording.

i had the ashkenazy one and, he was, to me, too restrained. i can imagine people liking his interpretation though.
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Leif Ove Andsnes' live recording. So precise and romantic but beautifully restrained.


Grigory Sokolov. Such power and poise.


Yefim Bronfman. Another fantastic interpretation.


Arcadi Volodos.

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