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Alessandro MS-1's BROKEN

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I bought my MS-1's direct from Alessandro on January 14, 2009. Today, the metal part that attaches the headband to the earcups popped out. Does anyone have an easy fix for this? I slowly but firmly pushed it back in, and it seems to be pretty secure, but now I'm spooked. Will this continue to happen? Should I seek a more permanent solution? If I have to send them into Alessandro or Grado, will they be forgiving with their warranty policy? And, if this does turn out to be the most feasible option, do you think that it would be at all possible to "step-up" to an MS-1i? They were realeased a few months after I bought mine and I've been kicking myself ever since.
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For my SR80's, I originally just pushed them back in. However, they will keep popping out this way.

Add some glue to the metal part, then push it back in. That's what I did, and it's been holding strong.
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My friend had this issue and glue did the trick. Scary when it happens to the Grado SR-325i's x_x
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Glue should fix it. But if you would like to send it back, am sure you will get excellent customer service from them. My ms1i developed a faint 'krrr...' sound from the left side while playing bass heavy tracks after few months of purchase and they replaced it with a brand new one in no time!
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Mm this happened to me aswell, and at first I just pushed it back in. It kept falling out though, so I dabbed some superglue onto the end of the metal rod and pushed it back. It's fine now, haven't had an issue with it since.
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Alright thanks guys I've had some bad luck with electronics lately (broken ipod, broken receiver, chipped monitor screen, broken mouse) so when my wonderful MS-1's started falling apart it was almost too much and I freaked. Glad to know the fix is as simple as that.
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