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Tara Labs Is P@%!#ing Me Off!

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All I want is a < 1 meter length of stereo RCA cable of the Prism 11 model from Tara Labs and I simply cannot seem to find a place online or around me (Tampa, Florida) which sells them.

The very worst part was when I contacted Tara Labs through their site, I got a response (after e-mailing twice) in which the fellow asked me for what I wanted and my address (so he could clock shipping charges, I guess), but I never heard back from him. Fecker!

Geez, this sucks. Anyone know where I can buy a length of these online?


- Matt
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Yeah, Tara Labs ignored a couple of my emails last year. I finally picked some up used on carries tara products. They show the prism 22 and not the 11, but contact them and see if they carry it. Good luck!
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Any more...

...stores besides those? The first had nothing and the second seems like they don't update their site. I tried to get to the products but the link was bad. Oy!

Anywhere else?

- Matt
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Did you try this dealer?
Maybe they ship out?

Maestro A.V.I.C.S.
2409 SE Dixie Hwy.
Stuart, FL 34996

Good Luck!
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Yeah, I don't see the Taras around too much. I only bought a pair because someone had a pair of RSC Reference Gen 2's on sale at auction, so I visited Tara's site and was intrigued. Went back to the auction and bid at the last second and won 'em.

So far, I'm very impressed by these interconnects, and I'll probably try other Tara products in the future.
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See if these folks would ship to you...

Hi Matt,
I got my Tara Labs RSC-Primes from these people. Fortunately they are a local company for me, but I do know that they ship.

They have been Tara Labs representatives for many years, and hopefully they will be helpful if you contact them.

Good Luck!
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Hey, all....

Thanks for the advice. I wrote a pissy e-mail to Tara and asked "her" to service me or else. I am going to check out the links you gave me if they don't come through.

Thanks again.

- Matt
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