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Just got my DHC Complement cable

This afternoon the mailman delivered my new Double Helix Cables "Complement" balanced cable. It is 8 foot long with the nylon multifilament sleeve and Xhadow balanced connectors.

It is shotgun design with actually 1 independent cable per side. Each line is as thick as a good interconnect cable. It is a little bit heavy compared to other headphones cables but unless you walk around or dance around with your headphones on it will not be a problem.

Installation was a breeze. Just pulled each connector of the stock cable and insert the new ones.
Here are some pictures:

Now, what about the sound? Well just out of the box it sounds fantastic. It preserves the huge soundstage and three dimensional presentation but it does it even more clear. The bass got deeper and with more control. It makes the HD800 more musical without losing it signature sound.

I can't wait to hear it after 200 hours of burn-in... it's going to be a killer!
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i like those xhadow XLRs.
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Thanks for the review, I appreciate it! Nice amp...

Shotgun style...that's hilarious, never thought of it that way...double barreled!
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Thanks Peter for a great cable!!
Yes, I have seen those type of cables called both ways.. Shotgun or Double Barrel.
My custom made speaker cables are braided shutgon (externally bi-wire) design.
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How much? I refuse to pay over 400 for a headphone cable.. I'd have to actually hear the difference first hand to drop anymore..
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I don't feel comfortable disclosing pricing but you can go to Double Helix Cables website.
Double Helix Cables - Continuous-cast UPOCC copper cables for Sennheiser and AKG headphones and other audio connections...
Just remember that you have two full cables in this one so you can not compare apples to apples in cost to others.
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I will build you a free one for DT48. Seriously. Mail me those DT48s, I've heard very mixed reviews, with the mix being heavily towards one end of opinion. Very curious...
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Congrats on your new cable! The DHC Complement is incredible. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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I have the baby complement from Peter and I'm very pleased with it.
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santacore are you referring to the one Peter calls "The Clone". I am thinking on that one for my Beyerdynamic T1 that I have on order.
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I am next for the DHC Complement ... ordered it 2 days ago ...

You took it copper or silver ?
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The baby complement/clone is smaller and forgoes the ERS paper, foil, and carbon fiber, so lil bit smaller yea.
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Pompon, mine is copper. I went to silver (RAL balanced) last time with my HD650 and lost a lot of the bass.
This copper cable retains the right highs, has no veil and help improving the bass.
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Personally I'm interested in a SE Complement; I ask myself if I should go for copper or silver (after my mod the HD 800 isn't bright at all anymore). Or maybe someone can confirm me that the cheaper (silver?) Baby Complement is almost as good, or even the Molecule...
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Email Peter through his website. He is pretty good responding emails and will give you an honest answer.
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