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WTB:XIN super macro IV.

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Looking for a xin super macro IV.

Please pm me if you happen to be selling one .

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U 'ave 2 few msgs 2 PM. Sorry.
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Please sell it.

OPAMP is not necessary.
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Now Selling Xin Amp - SM-IV - plus charger

The opamps are the ones Xin provided, I never tried to swap them out.

I love this amp, but am looking to try something new. Will bring it and the charger home from the office this weekend and try to post photos. I use it successfully with the following phones: HD650, Grado 325i, and AKG 701s.

Wish Xin was still making amps, but I've got no control over that. :-[
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I will use it with triple fi 10pro.

The amplifier uses portaphile, ibasso T3, and STORM STB4.

I wanted to listen to SM4 for a long time.
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Will close offer the evening of 2/16/10, time - 18:00 hrs (6 pm) EST.

Thanks to all for their offers so far. Will accept PayPal; shipping / insurance extra.
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Sale Pending

Sale is pending for this amp. Thanks to all for their offers.
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Amp is SOLD.
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