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I have both Goldpoint, Dact, and others. Entire threads in DIY are dedicated to attenuators, discussed at length.


Define 'unbiased'? Doubt I could participate.


There are no simple 'which one better' answers - it depends.

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If you really have that much experience, i guess you could participate :)


To me, sound quality is above feel, percision, looks, size, etc.

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Thanks for letting me play. Here was our original attenuator thread:




If you want the very best, there are 3 answers:


ALPS RK50 (not yet)

TKD 2P65S (have had 1)

Acoustic Dimensions (Currently have 2)


Not exhaustive, but a good slice.

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Thank you for replying, I've heard great things about attenuators listed and amazed you owned so many, but i'm interested in a Dact vs Goldpoint because it's oranges and oranges(or tangerines and oranges). As I know, modesty is valued in Denmark, if Dact makes the best 24 positioned, they wouldn't brag or stop Goldpoint from bragging.


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Justin at Headamp had a great deal on a balanced DACT, and that is the only reason I bought a couple, though only used one. From what I have actually, literally  heard, there is basically no sonic difference in the DACT and Goldpoint. Neither is a bad choice, though I did find the DACT harder to solder than the Goldpoint.


This is the one time I'd say go for whichever is cheaper, especially if the difference is significant.


I finally went to the Acoustic Dimensions because it is a 42 step, where the 23 step units left me lacking - always a half step off what I wanted, and with someone else's attenuation curve - these have my own curve.



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Perhaps Goldpoint is more transparent?

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Not in my experience. Doubt you could measure or hear any difference.

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what about light dependant resistors?


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