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I sold Shiaulou a pair of triple fi's and an extra vi cable. The transaction was flawless, and we made the exchange in person. Communication was smooth, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

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I sold Shialou another pair of's. Great communication and swift payment. Great to do business with!
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Swapped some Sony hybrids and it went perfectly.
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Traded some tips with Shiaulou and I couldn't be happier
He's a great guy to deal with, and I wouldn't hesitate dealing with him again.
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Traded an IEM with Shiaulou. No problems, great communication, would happily deal with him again.
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Bought some of my Sony hybrid tips. Great communication and no hassle at all. Quick payment. Thanks!
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Shiaulou bought a pair of IEM form me. Excellent transaction, quick communications, quick pay. Recommended head-fi'er!
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Shiaulou bought my SE530's. He was excellent to deal with. I shipped them to him 5 days express but they got stuck in customs for about a week, probably longer in fact. He was never impatient and just waited for them to arrive. He didn't blame me in any way and was probably less angry with the situation than I was. Quick payment, good communication and patience through an unforeseen delay made Shiaulou a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended
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I recently had the pleasure of dealing with shiaulou with a sale of an IEM.  Great communication; prompt payment; an easy and smooth transaction.


Would not hesitate to sell to him again in the future.

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Shiaulou bought my Westone 3's.  He is a true gentleman to do business with.  Thank you!

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Sold Shiaulou a pair of Ety Hf5s.  The transaction was smooth, payment was prompt, and communication was great.  I would not hesitate to do business with him again. 

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I just sold Shiaulou my D4 Mamba DAC/amp.  It was a perfectly smooth transaction, he paid on time and was a pleasure to deal with.  No issues at all.  Thanks, Shiaulou!

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Bought some Klipsch S4's from Shiaulou. Great communication fast shipping and they were in stated condition. Thanks!!

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Sold my Denon D2000 to Shiaulou. All of the above applies.

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i bought a k702 from shiaolou good seller

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