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Marathon Runners Thread - Your experiences

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I’m keen to hear from all you long distance runners, I’ve been running seriously for 15 years. Just recently I’ve been out of injury and am keen to do the Sydney marathon later this year. I’ve done 2 Canberra Marathons and have also tackled the Six Foot Track Marathon in the Blue Mountains.
The Six Foot Track Marathon - Home has been my best running experience to date, the training was grueling to say the least, but on race day I was so prepared I ran the run of my life, and felt no pain whatsoever I felt so good on the day I completed at 5.22 which is equal to say a 3.20 road marathon.
Running is something I love, and I’d like to hear your experiences.
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Awesome! I have not run a marathon but I've completed the La Luz Trail Run (http://laluztrailrun.org/) many times, as it is right here in my home city. I recall my best race being similar to yours in description, clocking in a top-20 finish at 1h42m. It has remained a difficult experience to top, to say the least.

In recent years I have placed running on the back burner for too many other things and hope to pick it up again before I completely forget how I love it...
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Wow! Just checked in on those times Anonanimal, 1.42 is a sizzling time to say the least and it sounds like a very challenging event.
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Thanks for the kind words! I was also looking at the site for the Six Foot Track Marathon and that looks like loads of fun. I'm a sucker for the mountainous trail runs... it can just be so challenging and beautiful at the same time. Not much can compare!
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johnwmclean, Anonanimal,
You guys must be real suckers for punishment.
I guess the buzz from the natural morphine must be getting addictive.
I'd like to walk the Six Foot track, but I'm not a misfit, I was born 4 feet short.........
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I ran my first marathon this past November at a blazing 4:12:59. For me, the race was the fun part; the training on the other hand... While I have been running for years, short to mid-distance has been my thing with a base that rarely exceeded 40k. My marathon training sched called for several over 60k weeks. It took all my willpower to make out the door some days, and I now have new found respect for marathon runners.

Myself, it back to 5 and 10k for the spring and summer, with another crack the marathon in Nov., with the goal to break four hours.
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I love a good 10k run. Espeically on Fridays there's a great hill I love to attack. During Spring-Summer-Fall seasons I'm hitting about 50-60k a week. I have no desire to run marathon. I think most of this stems from not having time chucks big enough to sqeeze in training. I love running and can easily prioritize setting aside 1.1~1.5h 5~6 times a week to get out the door and run. But anymore than that? Impossible. Plus I'm kind of enamoured with long distance swimming these days. I never thought I'd be the type to be able to swim 800m straight.
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sorry db post
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I am currently training for the LA Marathon. This is my first taste of any long distance run. It does take me a while to get out the door, I dunno if it's just my laziness or what but I plan on working on that. This is a part of a program on my school, to help students train and run the marathon. I don't have to pay anything and received a pair of running shoes after the 10k.
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I run the indy mini every year, currently training at 15 miles a week right now during the winter, will step it up in a couple weeks. Probably going to run the Chicago marathon next year.
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It has been over three years since I last ran marathon which was Honolulu marathon. My very first marathon was Lake Tahoe marathon and it was a big mistake for the first marathon experience for me since it has some grueling hills along the way. Nevertheless, I was hooked on the marathon running ever since. My next marathon probably will be Kansas City marathon if I stay healthy and train properly.

Like virometal said above, actual marathon event is the "FUN" part but training leading up to the event is the difficult task for me.
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Wow, you guys are insane. I wish I had the willpower (and time) to train for a marathon/half marathon. I run cross country for my school and despite the fact that I'm really bad, I love doing it.

My favorite part of any run is the finish; it's when I push myself as hard as I can and full out sprint to the end, and I can usually get competing runners to exhaust themselves trying to keep up. I hate it when people slow down at the end though. You'll be done running for the day when you finish, why wouldn't you put in full effort?
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I've completed two Honolulu Marathons, but that was back in high school, right after cross country season. Both were just over 5 hours.

I would love LOVE to do another one, but man, the training involved, the long runs, and most importantly the ramping up of the mental discipline required for a 26 miler is brutal.

I remember them pretty vividly, the first one -- my buddies and I were all dumb and cocksure of ourselves and started out way way too fast.

At the 10 mile mark, we started to feel it, then at the 13 mile mark things really went downhill. From there to 20 miles, we slowly started to break up, not caring about each other anymore, but just finishing the damn race.

20-24 miles was the hardest. Back seizing up, butt and thighs frozen, having the stop just to bend and stretch.

Adding insult to injury, we continue to see these elderly Japanese tourists just lounging by, jogging with ease in wooden slippers. Yes WOOD slippers.

But then a miracle happens and by mile 24, I hit my 4th or 5th and strongest new wind, and I almost sprint my way to the finish line, passing hundreds of people. I must have looked like a serious spaz, or cheater.

Next day, no worries, still high on the euphoria of finishing.

The next day and following 2-3 days, the agony! The pain! Walking down steps is 10x harder than climbing upward.

To end, again, it's 90% mental -- the sheer willpower to continue to go on is the hardest thing.
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Yes totally, the marathon itself is the reward for all your hard work, the training is definitely the hardest part of the experience.
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These are great stories guys, keep them coming!
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