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Yeasayer - Odd Blood

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Album to be released very soon. Sounds promising! Different from their debut album but imo in a positive way. Some of the tracks sounds like they are made for the dancefloor

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Pretty decent album. I like the track "Ambling Alps"
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Love this band...Thanks for the heads-up.
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its released tomorrow? i thought it was released a couple weeks ago?

anyway! i loved this; especially the tracks "Madder Red" and "I Remember" and of course "Ambling Alp." so far its one of my favorite '10 releases along with Surfer Blood's "Astro Coast" (the guitars sound AWESOME with my grados), Beach House's "Teen Dream", and of course Vampire Weekend's "Contra" (hence the avatar )
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I loved the last album but after several attempts to get into this I cannot. Very dissappointing as I was really looking forward to it.
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I love this album, but it is a stark contrast to their first effort. Unlike "Contra", that takes Vampire Weekends best styles and makes them better, this one is waaay different. It does take a little but to let it grow on you.
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Not very good in comparison to "All Hour Cymbals".

Well, that's my opinion, my friend says I'm an idiot in this regard but screw him.
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