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Yeah, the Canada factor may be an issue, I'm not sure as I've never had to give it much thought. I know there are enough sources that you can everything you need in Canada to build a killer sub with the one exception being the cabinet. If Parts Express doesn't ship to Canada (it really doesn't seem to state on their site if they do or don't) I would say build your own if you have a friend that is into wood working (per your HT Shack thread), its really not that hard. Otherwise skip the DIY and just try to find something used I guess.

The clearing up of the mids starts to happen when you start pushing the volume when the woofer begins to get stressed and the amp runs out of power. If you listen at moderate to low volumes the benefit of sub clearing the mids is much smaller.

The source is important but the vast majority of the distortion in the playback chain is happening at the end of the line in either the speakers or headphones. The Forte is plenty a good enough source to not be a limiting factor. I had the Lineup F4 full range speakers hooked up to my AC97 onboard sound (see first page of this thread) and the sound produced was some clearest most detailed I have ever heard.
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You should listen to the Audioengine 5s before you decide you just gotta have a sub. They've got a 30-day "audition" guarantee.
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Mackie MR5 or KRK RP5 G2

I currently have both. Can't go wrong with either.
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why not make your speaker setup yourself. De best speaker design you can get is a open baffle design... which basicly is a wooden board with a hole in it for the speakers. That shouldn't be too hard to make.
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I don't think the OP is following this thread anymore.

Open baffle isn't necessarily the best, besides it wouldn't work nearfield and it's not significantly easier since you still need to build a crossover.
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