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Originally Posted by AkTheRipper View Post
lol o.k yes seid i can see it now
hehe i should be more careful, my ears arent brilliant tbh
i tried them with my e3 and it just produced a muddy mess of overblown bass
i would not recommend it!
unless of course you have a propper amp in which case i encourage it!



They do like an amp, but then all headphones like an amp...
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Originally Posted by KLS View Post
I saw someone wearing these in my campus. The look is quite nice.
Yep, it's kinda weird how everyone goes after K-81/K-518 when the DN-HP500 are so much nicer. People talk about them on the street!
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I just got these headphones and wow the sound is amazing for a $100 dollars! I can hear allot of the details in the song ive never herd before. the treble is not harsh the bass is smooth and the isolation is great. The build feels solid like it can take a few drops (not that i would lol) and it doesn't clamp on your ears it's just right. The only thing i wish was the cable wasn't so long but, they are dj headphones.


Great headphones for the price i always wanted denon headphones but, couldn't afford them so, this was the answer!

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Were your impressions based on the recabled or the as is set?

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Both. The stock cable isn't that bad, though it does give them a "technical" sound and misses some harmonics. But it's certainly better than stock AKG cables...

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Wondering how would these compare to the DN-HP700... There's a 59€ difference.

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Any clue if these are as good as the HP700? Have never auditioned the HP500. I would buy them if I knew they were very close. Just different sound sigs, probably?

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They seem to use the same (40 mm.) drivers. The only serious difference between DN-HP500 and DN-HP700 is the cup size - supra-aural and circumaural. It is a big difference though, ears to be fully open in headphones for the whole ambience to be transmitted. The rule is simple, the bigger, the better. DN-HP700 are more open with a more wide soundstage and more ambiental detail. Even though structurally they're similar, the circumaural headphones will always play better. So what you get with DN-HP500 is much the same thing, but more constrained, in a smaller space, with a more congested sound and less ambience.

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I know this thread is from a few years ago, But I see no one really talking about these HP's at all?  I have no idea why?

I just picked up a set in a quick trade.  Call me Impressed.  They kinda sounded above average at first coming right out of the touch.  But I added a little EQ, just a touch of treble and hooked them up to my E11 with a little Bass boost.  Since these are small on ears they needed just a little kick, but man they really can handle some juice. 

Being a big Denon fan These little things impress me.  The Bass can go REALLY deep and it's nice and tight, The mids for me are actually a little forward, Usually Denon has the known V-shape ( My fave sig) But these are a little more forward then the norm.  The treble is nice and crisp but I like it just a tad hotter.  I don't have many on ears but I'll say these sound much better then the Senn PX100 and for sure the AKG as mentioned in this thread.


 The build is great as well. The headband is the same size as the Denon D1000/1/ Cal but actually has a better build. The comfort is slightly less as they do have a little harder clamp, I can't really judge the pads as mine were used and they have hardened up ala M50.  But even so they still feel good.

These things do have the sound of the Denon D1000 just smaller but the Denon house sound for sure.  I'm looking to it's big Brother now the DH700, Another less talked about HP.

A few guys said it's a baby D7000.  That's saying A lot.  I think the main flaw with these is the Retail pricing!!!  I've seen them listed from $60 to $89.99. 

I feel that is a bit overpriced, But these are a few years old and back then we had less comp. For the same money you can pick up a much nicer set.  Even the Cal at $60 out class these,

But these are smaller, the build is stronger and more portable.  At around $35-40  I think it's a great bargin.  I think $99 for it's bigger brother would be the best deal.


If you love the Denon sound and can trade or find them super low priced, try em out they are pretty dang good.

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The issue with Foster (the OEM for Denon, Yamaha, etc.) nowadays is quality control. Ever since they moved production to China it's been unsteady. Having modded two sets of AH-D310, the frequency response was measured with tones. And, guess what? Two sets bought from the same merchant had different frequency response and different character. Way different, one had a huge +7 dB spike in the high midrange (around 1200 Hz). The same with AH-P372, they're just inferior to their ancestor the AH-D210, no matter what. They don't get guitars right, and depending on batch/version/luck they can sound rather cold no matter what. And again, no set of AH-P372 is alike. Doesn't happen with AH-D210 made in Japan in the 90s - those have a fairly straight response and they just paint everything right (Foster 022096 is the "real" model number by the way). Of all the Asian headphones, those had the big plus of getting the whole range right (Yamaha RH5MA is also 022096, with different logos). Now though anything under the Denon name requires EQ, even (and especially) Denon AH-D1001, which have an ugly doctored EQ boosting 6 KHz ("ambience" range), but forgetting the 200-300 Hz range (and overtones, e. g. around 1200 Hz). CAL have the same problem, they're just thin-sounding.


DN-HP500 are nice, yes, but they're supra, and kinda large, so they tend to fatigue ears. Even though they're soft on them. They really need a good modding, a shielded SPC cable and Blu-tack.

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Yeah still a impressive little set all things in account.  Now is the hard part. Replacement pads..  I think these are 70mm but I want a Velour..  I think these can be replaced with a type 3 ATH pad (ATH SJ5) But I can't find a cheap set. $35 bucks is a bit steep...

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Well a cheap but "difficult" fix is just coating the existing pads with some kind of thin felt...

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Try the felt on pads without sewing or supergluing first. It might have an impact on sound.

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Originally Posted by Seidhepriest View Post

Try the felt on pads without sewing or supergluing first. It might have an impact on sound.

Yeah I found a few sets for sale, but after reading the DH700 thread I just ordered a pair...They should be much better so it's not worth $35 for pads when the 700's only cost me $106 bucks shipped...Like I need another set of headphones, I just bought a JVC s500 a few weeks ago, 2 refurb 428's for projects and got the 500's in a trade. Oh not to mention a Koss DJ100....Too much free time online!!!

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