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Denon DJ DN-HP500

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First impressions...

They smoke the AKG K-81DJ/K-518DJ in every way: comfort, clarity, soundstage depth, speed, efficiency, and dynamics. Build isn't as cheap as K-81.

They're slightly larger than AH-P372, are supra-aural, and comfortable. Repeat: comfortable. They're more comfortable than AH-P372 out of the box. No strain on ears. They don't press much.

Cable is 1.5 m. coiled, expandable to roughly 3 m.

Cups fold into the headband, though the headband itself doesn't collapse.
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Nice... I have never heard of these so I looked them up and they are good looking. Its like DJ headphone meets ES7....sort of.
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There's no exaggerated bass, they're not a "boombox on ears" as many DJ headphones are. Sound's balanced, even cool, clear, with a slight "warehouse reverb".

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They're new, just released a month ago or so.
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look like ultrasones. The writing on top of the headband and the shinny cups.

is the isolation as good as k518?
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Originally Posted by Silenced View Post
look like ultrasones. The writing on top of the headband and the shinny cups.

is the isolation as good as k518?
anyone? IS there any more info on these, I am very interested in them.
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Slightly less, but they're easier to drive and more efficient.

Also more comfortable (way more comfortable) and with a more balanced sound than the K-81.
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is there any similarity between d1000 and these?
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Yes. 40 mm. drivers, similar character.
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ok, so how do these compare to the akg 240?
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It looks pretty. Does it clamp hard? I tried a couple of DJ headset, they clamped so hard, they made me dazzle.
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They don't compare. Two very different sets, K-240 Studio are very midrangey, DN-HP500 are slightly too bassy, fast, and spatious with Denon quick dynamics. K-240 lag behind in dynamics, but have more midrange/spatial detail and are circumaural. K-240 EQ is a bit weird (it's musical, but it's not really that natural). DN-HP500 EQ is more even, but they have a drop at the 3rd octave (~150-240 Hz). DN-HP500 are livelier because of quick dynamics and more present high frequencies, but they don't paint bodies of instruments as well. DN-HP500 are supra-aural, K-240 are circumaural.

They hardly clamp. Pretty soft on ears, softer than AH-P372.

Here's a "family photo":

AH-D1000 are most comfortable, next come DN-HP500 (they're supra-aural, but they're quite soft on ears, weight/clamp become noticeable only after some three hours or so), and AH-P372 last (these do press on ears, especially the first couple weeks).

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Looking very sweet, those Denons.
I have to ask though, what cables do you have?
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John's silver-plated copper wires.

To those wondering: DN-HP500 drivers are not the same as AH-D1000/1001. They do have the same Denon family sound (quick dynamics, clean treble/space, etc.), but they're a different thing, the AH-D1000 are gentler and more natural.
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