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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
Understood. What I meant was the much higher voltage, but I understand why you would say that is not a "type". I'm not aware of any SS amps that have lethal voltages inside them
You might want to look inside the big krell monster mono blocks.
Unregulated voltages of + and - 200. With more than enough
energy storage to kill you 10 times over.

More than double the voltage than any of the singlepower extremes.
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high V solid state

KGSS, Koss E90 have more than a few Volts in there too as well as the new eXStata project, kind of necessary to direct drive Electrostats

there's no single "safe" stored energy number for charged hi V caps but the 20 mA*S locus appears to be on the safe side of the <1% chance of electrocution in some electrical safety charts so at 1000 V you should worry about getting yourself across more than a few 10s of uF

but in general SS dynamic headphone amplifers don't need the high V supplies that are common for tube circuits and most run with less than the SELV 42 V touch limit and typically won't "bite" you thru dry skin

you do want to avoid the line side of the power supply though
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