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Mark bought an X-Can v8p DAC/amp from me. His payment was prompt and communication was great throughout the sale. Recommended.
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Mark bought my Corda Headfive and RW Audio Amp 1. Prompt payment and great communication. Highly recommended!!!
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I bought the RW Amp 1 from Mark. Good communication and fast shipping. it's a great experience.
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I bought the Corda Headfive from Mark and everything went smooth!

Many thanks again Mark for the great communication!
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I sold some classical CDs to Mark -- smooth communication, great transaction.
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I bought an X-Can from Mark. Communication was quick and great. I would definitely do business with him again. Thanks Mark!
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Mark purchased my Woo Audio WA6SE, Sennheiser HD650's and a Woo Audo Single Headphone stand. He is truely delightful to deal with. Payment was lightning fast, communications were thorough and personable, and follow-up on the delivery was appreciated. It is folks like Mark that make deals with Head-Fi members just plain fun!
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Mark bought some Beyers from me. He was great to deal with, and the transaction was super-smooth. Highly recommended.
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Mark bought a pair of SR-325i from me. Decisive, super fast payment, quick and friendly communication. Definitely worth doing business with on head-fi! Highly recommended.
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i bought a pair of Senn HD650s from Mark. he shipped them quickly, packaged them adequately, and they arrived as stated in the FS thread. very friendly and prompt. thumbs up!
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Mark purchased my HE-5/EF-5 combo. He was a gentleman throughout the transaction and a nice guy to communicate with. Made the transaction trouble-free and very smooth. Once he had decided to buy them, his payment was super quick. Would not hesistate to do business with him again. Thank you and enjoy them.
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I bought a HifiMan EF-5 from Mark. The packaging was very nice and shipping was very fast. Communication was very fast and smooth throughout the transaction. Highly recommended.
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I bought the AKG K701 headphones from Mark. The whole transaction was very quick and smooth. Packaging was excellent, shipping was prompt, and the item arrived as stated in his FS post.
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I bought my Beyerdynamic T1s from Mark.  It was a little scary dropping $1000+ to someone I've never met but Mark was great.  Very friendly and communicative and even inconvienced himself to get it shipped same day.  It arrived a few days later in mint condition, exactly as described and they sound fantastic!  Very smooth transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.  Highly recommended.

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Purchased a pair of HE-5 headphones from MarkJnK.  Shipped promptly and arrived as described.  I highly recommend dealing with him.

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