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Canadian: AKG Group buy tax and shipping included

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Hello Canadians, this is our 1st group buy.

Prices are showing in Canadian Dollar
Prices including TAX including shipping.

The best deals are to be had on the K701,702,601 but we decided to open it up to the MkII series as well.

--------Retail -- GB 5-10 -- GB10
K701 $ 699.00 $ 460.00 $440
K601 $ 549.00 $ 380.00 $360
K702 $ 605.00 $ 480.00 $460

K271 MkII $ 315.00 $ 280.00 $260
K171 MkII $ 245.00 $ 220.00 $200
K240 MkII $ 270.00 $ 250.00 $230
K141 MkII $ 222.00 $ 200.00 $180

Group buy will close on Feb 10th

We need at least 5 people to join and limited up to 10 people only.

!!! If we reach up to 10 people you can reduce the price an additional $20 off the Group Buy price !!!

How it will work - We will be collecting a paypal deposit of 10% by Feb 10th, Full payment is due Feb 14th.

Please PM or email us if you have any questions

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No offense, but you are asking way too much. Even a quick search on google yields this: AKG K702 @ $425 CDN
That is even with free shipping.
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Yeah... even their non-sale prices are better than your group buy prices.
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Thanks for the comment guys
Thanks for letting me know... I'll see if I can do better than that..
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I'd like to pitch in too to say that Tom Lee's in Vancouver sells the K271 Mk2 for $230 (non-sale), and that one or two places can be convinced (haggled) to sell the K701 for under $400.
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He is a pretty new store, and as such doesn't have the volume discounts that a large company like L&MQ would have. That said, for the consumer it almost always comes down to the buck. Best of luck cerebrous.
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Thanks for the feedback guys.

This is good information to know.

RedLeader is correct our discount for AKG aren't that great at the moment... maybe at end of year when we build up some volume with them prices will be better.

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