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Music Appreciation

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Tonight I find myself experiencing a much too rare occurrence. I am sitting, in front of a fire with a fine drink in hand, completely immersed in music.

I imagine that many of the members of this forum are much like myself, too often finding themselves with their music on only in the background, or listening to their systems instead of the glorious sound coming through them. This is a trend I notice with myself that I realize I must confront. So today, after an unusually enjoyable day at work, I came home, made one of my favorite meals and sat down to truly enjoy some tunes. I figured that it would last only an hour or so but here I am, five hours later with the just this one thought in my head: what should I put on next? Tonight there are no distractions, just me and my phones. It's actually very exciting, it reminds me of why I searched out this site in the first place. I hope that everyone has this type of experience from time to time, all the better if it is the only way you prefer to listen to music.

I guess the point of this thread is this: Remember why you spent all this money on your gear in the first place!

Edit: If anybody is interested, my set up is decidedly modest compared to many who will read this but I still LOVE the sound that comes out of it. The music of choice so far tonight has been Eric Clapton, "One Night Stand", Billy Joel, "The Nylon Curtain" and "Glass Houses", and Dave Matthews Band, "Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King". All on vinyl through my Sony receiver to Beyer DT990s.

Remember: It's all about the music!
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That's the only way I can justify spending the money that I do on headphones, as well as the music. My favorite album I would have easily paid $70 for. If you can really appreciate the music, some of the purchases you make seem like a steal!
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agree, my audio equipment is a sound investment that i'm reminded of every time i put on some tunes.
well worth enjoying some fine quality beverages to.
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Yeah I agree. But I understand those who feel the urge to upgrade their systems very often, because we all love music so much that we can't avoid but think "this provides me such pleasurable, wonderful times! What if I invest in some improvement and I get MORE pleasure out of my music?!"

I think we all get ourselves thinking about our systems very often, but that is not unrelated to our love for music.
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