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Good news everyone, I've been talking with JH Audio and it's pretty sure we'll have a demo pair of JH13 at the meet. I'll confirm in the next 2-3 days.

Originally Posted by Killercrush View Post
That's exactly what I want to know too, I prefer Sunday.
OK let's go for Sunday then.
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I will try to make it up on Sunday as that seems like the day. I've been told it's 2.5 hours from my house, so I just have to look into rooms, see how much that will cost. Any recommendations on inexpensive hotels near the show would be welcome.

If I come, I will bring the P-51 Mustang, the Creek OBH-11, ATH-M50s, and my iPods.

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I'd advise some people to come on saturday as well, at least to have 3-4 people at the booth at all times during the week-end and make a good impression for the show.

To everyone who wants to make a huge head-fi party on sunday, remember, the show is mainly a PR meet! We were invited to hold a room mainly for visitors to enjoy and we should be ready to expose our gear, not just staying amongst us and comparing gear. If we have time to do both (I assume that if we're 3-4 in the booth, we should have plenty of time during the day to discuss, A-B some gear, try different setups...), then that would be perfect.

I know the "head-fi" kind of meet appeals to alot of you guys, and I really want to listen to some of the gear you guys are bringing , but we're there to expose.

For those who want to have plenty of stuff to listen, I'll be leaving my stuff there the 3 days (I'll just be missing the friday morning and saturday morning for school and training), and that includes 3 sources, 2 amps and a really good pair of headphones, so if you want to try new stuff that makes 6 different combos to make...
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I definitely plan on coming Saturday between 12:00 and 17:00 and will maybe try to visit 2 hours on Friday night and Sunday afternoon (but less probable).

I'll bring my HiFiMAN HE-5 headphones, but I cannot guarantee sticking there and doing PR all the time since I plan to visit a couple of booth.

Papomaster: First of all, big thanks for organizing this. If I understood correctly your important notice, people have to register if they want to come in with their gear ? ou je peux pas juste arriver avec mon sac à dos le samedi et dropper mes headphones?
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I don't think they'll throw you out if you don't have your badge, but I'm not sure about bringing stuff. Michel Plante told me they made the entrance-exit much more difficult for thieves to go through, meaning they might not let you come with your stuff. Also, having people with head-fi badges walking all over the place might not be so good for our image...

If I were you, I'd try to find someone who will be there the same times as you, and hand it to him before the meet.
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Nice, I just got shipping confirmation from JH Audio, we'll have a demo pair of JH13 with universal fit at the meet!
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Apportez de l'alcool ou autre désinfectant et des mouchoirs pour désinfecter après chaque utilisateur.
On a juste une paire d'oreilles et se ramasser avec une maladie ou infection auditive, c'est pas fameux.

J'ai bien hâte d'écouter ca!

Avez-vous demandé un prêt de HD800 à Sennheiser ?
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No, I haven't checked with them but they will surely have a pair at their booth. We might be able to have some time to try it on different setups durign the weekend.

I have had the confirmation from bikeboy and cerebrous: Fulcrum audio might be there the three days (to be confirmed), and bikeboy will come on saturday. Man, I can't wait until friday for the meet to start! And with the strike at UdM, I'll most probably be there earlier on friday as my class from 10h30 to 12h30 will be cancelled.
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I'll have the HF5 and EF5 combo there too.
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Damn I don't think I'll have my SOHA II in time...
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Originally Posted by papomaster View Post
Here are the timeframes everyone put in the thread:

Grado HF2 (with jumbo, maybe recabled by then)
HD650 unfoamed and recabled
WA2 maxxed with blackgates
Beta22 3ch... 99% done by now but probably won't be enclosed before the show
This is what I could bring... not what I'll bring

I'll come with the WA2, the Hf2 (recabled if I have time to do so) and the HD650. This is cumbersome enough ! I made up my mind on the final design of the beta22 but it won't be ready for the show... I'll save it for a future mini-meet.
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So how do we get in and out?

So Papomaster,

Are we going to get some sort of labels to put on our equipment when we bring it in? So when we leave after show hours on the Saturday we can show the tag and bring our stuff home.

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latest update

Ok guys, here are the latest updates : I've updated the thread with the new times and equipments people will bring. It seems like we should have plenty of people everyday to keep the room alive, and I hope it will be so!

I have just recieved the HIFIMAN hd-801 mp3 player, and yes, it does sound LOVELY. I have some of the tracks that are on the internal memory on cd and sacd as well so it will be nice to compare both. Also, if some people want to use it with external amps, I advise you to bring mini-mini or mini-rca cables. Thanks again to Fang from head-direct for sending us the player.

Also thanks to JH audio for lending us the universal jh13.

In order to protect our stuff from theft (and identifying it), I think that putting your name on every small-to-big piece of gear is mandatory. Also, using a minimal number of portable equipment at the time will help reducing the number of small units laying around and be easily stolen by people. For headphones, small desktop amps and sources, my point is still the same: have some non-marking tape and tape open parts on the tables if you REALLY don't want your stuff to be taken. For example, make a loose knot in your headphone cable, cover the knot with some tissues and tape the tissues on the tables with tape. Really, the point is not to make things unmovable or bulletproof but to make them harder to steal. Having a really loud noise of tape being pulled from a table makes things far more obvious, and takes some time to do, which is what thieves want to avoid. Michel Plante told me the cases of thefts in the last couple of years were random pieces laying around, not hooked or boxed. Having the stuff at the back in its box, or just sticked to the table with duct-tape should make sure things don't get taken in two seconds.

Also, everyone should have a cd-case to put his cds so we don't have free cd cases laying around waiting to be stolen. If some people can match up their cds in one case, that'll be even less cumbersome. I'll have my turntable as well so if by any chance you have some vinyl you want to listen on it just help yourself. It'll stay out of most of the meet since putting it in and out of storage is out of question.

Tomorrow, I'll call the SSI and Filtronique guys to make sure everything works fine (including the shunyata power conditioners).
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O noes!

Bad news on the Beta22 front: I've run out of money. The sigma22 is fine, though fat lot of use that is. However, I could easily finish the case for Thursday as I already have all of the parts and merely need to assemble it.

So I have a case and LeMat has an amp. If you'd be interested, I'd be happy to lend you the case. It won't be stunning, but it will suffice. PM me if you're interested.
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Just to let everyone knows and manage expectations, we agreed with presently42 that we didn't want to present a botched job, plus the fact that there could be some reliability issues due to the absence (for now) of security devices (e12 board)... hence we won't bring a B22 at the SSI but be sure it will be soon available for a future meet 2 B22 facing in a death match... kiddin'
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