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That makes me think: I can't show up at all on thursday, but I guess that since it's an exhibitor only day, it might not be valuable to us to come and trade tech stuff with other vendors...
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Vendors are people too
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Je vais essayer de passer samedi ou dimanche pour une ou deux heures. Si y a des intéressés, je pourrais amener mon ampli Goldpoint HP Pro.
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Bonne idée, tu peux aussi amener tes HD600, je ne pense pas que personne en amène (on a des hd650, je serais super intéressé à écouter les différences entre les deux).

Here are the sources we have so far:

Raysonic Cd128
Denon sd-5900
Music hall mmf-5
Cambridge dvd89
Adcom GDA-600
Twisted Pear Audio USB Receiver
Couple of Imacs


Twinhead Mk1
1 or 2 B22s
Sheer audio ha-006



So far, we can do at least 5 complete setups, including 1 amp and 1 source per headphone.

To that, we'll have to add the stuff fulcrum audio brings, bikeboy's stuff if he comes and VT-Skier's stuff if he comes.

As you can see, we have plenty of combinations to choose from. If you have a specific setup you would want to listen to, you can have it suggested here so that we can try having every bit the same day!
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Start to look good with these stuff...
Now, we should set up rigs to make sure all components will be there at the same time... That could be frustrating if someone bother to bring a top notch source but no amp is available at the same time... just an example. Sure we can swap frequently but that look a bit messy in public
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Originally Posted by papomaster View Post

No love for the HP-2 ?!

Originally Posted by papomaster View Post
Couple of Imacs
Shotgun one if they have a firewire 400/800 port !
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I went to Filtronique today, and I tried the shunyata hydra 4 power conditionner. For the time I was there, it seemed to have a good effect on sound quality, adding a bit of detail in the treble and made everything more focused. Take this with a grain of salt, because the guy told me the power line was so bad you could easily hear sonic differences from turning the fan on and off in the bathroom... But, it seems it can make some difference nonetheless.

The good news is that he was also in charge of the group who will be attending the SSI, and I proposed him the same deal I made with the head-fi vendors: if he allows us to borrow some gear during the meet, we'll have it identified as sponsorised gear and use it in our setups.

He was quite interested indeed, but was uncertain about some stuff. So, he asked me, "Ok, you guys want some shunyata stuff, but how do you want to expose it?" To which I say, "Explain please?". And the answer came smoothly,

"Well, how many do you want? If you want to fill your room with hydras, I need to know how many you need...."

... (me breathless for a couple of seconds)

"Hmmmm, that's quite nice, but we might have at least 4-5 setups at the time in the room."

"Well, in the basement, we have (then waves his arms meaning "an awful lot ") of those..."


I took the guy's card, and gave him my infos as well. Seems like we might have some power conditioning to try-out at the meet. It's not 100% yet but he really was enthousiastic about us making some branding for his shop (which I will surely make if he lends us those hydras) and trying himself the hydras on headphones to see if it made a good difference in our setups.
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Quand j'ai été à un mini-meet avec un copain personne n'était même intéressé d'essayer nos power conditionneur et encore moins nos câbles AC.

Je pense qu'il y a beaucoup de snobisme dans l'audio et beaucoup de gens refusent tout simplement de s'ouvrir l'esprit et de vouloir essayer ce qu'ils ne croient pas.

J'espère que certains en profiteront pour tenter l'expérience et essayer eux-mêmes.
Bonne initiative soit dit en passant.
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Ce serait bien de faire un peut de A/B avec ces power conditioners!
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Originally Posted by pompon View Post
Je pense qu'il y a beaucoup de snobisme dans l'audio et beaucoup de gens refusent tout simplement de s'ouvrir l'esprit et de vouloir essayer ce qu'ils ne croient pas.
Et moi je pense qu'il y a beaucoup de naïveté et de pseudo-science.

Bizarre que personne n'ait jamais réussi à prouver hors de tout doute dans un test en double aveugle la différence entre deux câbles audio de "gauge" raisonnable pour laisser passer un signal audio.
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Well, we will be able to do the comparison ourselves, with our own gear!

And, if people are interested, there are the finals of the University badminton provincials held at the CEPSUM tomorrow from 10am to ~3pm, the team finals between UdM (us) and UQAM at 10am.
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last call

Good news, we will have a hifiman HM-801 mp3 player at the meet, gracieuseté from Fang at head-direct.

Dear Philippe,

Thanks for your help. I will ship you a HM-801 player. Please return it to us after the show. We will be happy to reimburse your shipping cost.

Also, last call for the inscriptions (before march 20th if you don't want to pay 10$) and please post the days you will come with your gear if you want to attend. If you haven't confirmed your commitment to the meet, please do so now so I can update the SSI guy with the number of people for each day.
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I can come on Saturday or Sunday, but not both. Count me in for the
day there will be the most people attending.
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Originally Posted by gp_hebert View Post
I can come on Saturday or Sunday, but not both. Count me in for the
day there will be the most people attending.
That's exactly what I want to know too, I prefer Sunday.
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compiled times

Here are the timeframes everyone put in the thread:


Friday, 26th: 11h00-21h00
Saturday, 27th: 10h00-18h00
Sunday, 28th: 10h00-17h00


Friday: 13h00-21h00
Saturday 14h00-18h00
Sunday 10h00-17h00


Either Saturday or Sunday afternoon


1 day


1 day






3 days

Bikeboy999 and MrSlim





??? as visitor



As for what everyone brings, here is a summary:


Denon dv-5900 modded by partsconnexion
Raysonic cd128
Cambridge DVD89
Music Hall MMF-5 + cambridge 540p

ASL Twinhead mk1

Recabled ATH-AD2000

Shunyata Power conditioners


AKG K701
Sennheiser HD280Pro
Beta22 (Almost definitely)
Twisted Pear Audio USB Receiver (used as DAC and amplifier)
Toshiba lappy


Grado HF2 (with jumbo, maybe recabled by then)
WA2 maxxed with blackgates


JH13 Pro + JH13 Pro universal
Sheer Audio HA-006+ (Dynalo)
Adcom GDA-600
Pico Slim (if I receive it before the meet)


TC Electronics Konnekt 24D Firewire based external soundcard
DIY Canare GS-1 TRS-RCA cables
DIY SOHA II high current version with CBS 7318 tubes
Joseph Grado HP2 with JGUWBRC cable

Sony NWZ-E436F
Etymotic HF5


TF10s to show people
UE SF 5 pro
Senn 590
Grado 225
and a set of rca cables from EMM Labs (Ed Meitner)


P-51 Mustang


Hifiman HE5 + EF5 amp combo
Xindak CD Player
Xindak conditioner
and more...

******* We have plenty of people for the booth, but if you want to attend you are free to do so! Gear is restricted though (just small stuff if you want to listen to a specific combo).***
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