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2010 Montreal FSI [Head-fi] Meet - Page 9

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TY all to bring all that stuff with you!
Was a fun meet!

So much good stuff ! I wish had another day to listening more ...
Enjoy the rest of the show!
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Bonjour Messieurs,

Juste pour vous dire que ça m'a bien fait plaisir de vous rencontrer. J'ai déjà hâte au prochain "meet". La prochaine fois, je fournis les pretzels et le Dr. Pepper ;-)
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Ouin, c'était bien cool de vous rencontrer. Je crois bien que nos setup ont réussi à intéresser plusieurs visiteurs.

Au plaisir de vous revoir dans un futur meet,

Marc-André Fillion
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Good meet on Saturday (all I saw )

Hey I would like to thank Papomaster for organizing a good meet again. This year expanded upon last years success by virtue of being open for all three days. Presently42 and Papomaster were there on all three and perhaps one of the Matts? I did think of taking photos, a few at the beginning before many people showed and at the end when Papomaster came to turn on the vinyl. Picasweb is running super slow right now, here is link in case it works for you folk. Picasa Web Albums - Bikeboy999 - SON HI FI 201...

By the way part of measuring our success is the Senn manager for Canada swapped out a pair of 650s to give us the hd800 for our room. And the manager for importer for Grado Canada told us next year we get our pick of the headphones. If we keep this up we can make a CAN CanJam. :-) Next year we should approach RSA, Meier etc..

A lot of non-headphone users came through and saw the JH13s for portable use to the modded HD800s connected via separate XLR cables to a headphone amp.
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Great meet guys!

I finally got to try out the HD800 and the T1. After listening to them for some time, I can now rest assured and say without a doubt that the HD650, K702 and all the other headphones that I previously owned or tried can rest in peace forever.

Also I was quite impressed on how the HD650 sounded on Papomaster's OTL amp. I'm not a big fan of the toobey sound but they had great synergy.

Pompon had a great modded DAC which could bring a level of detail that I had never seen before. The music was so detailed that it surprised me on how much sound is recorded in a studio but which is not always audible on a regular rig.
I however don't know if I could listen to it for lengthy periods of time because the sound was a bit harsh.

I asked Mr. Cabasse if he could let me play my music on his speakers but he said that they had a tight schedule and that they had to pack things right after the event but I did get to have the chance to be alone in a room with my music and some high end Wilson Audio speakers. I was quite impressed by the sound. It's a totally different experience.

As for next year, perhaps we could try to have some official cardboards or posters from the administartors of Head-Fi in order to make our stand at the SSI more formal.
If someone took pictures, it would be cool to have them posted on the forum.

It was my first meet and I'll gladly attend the next one.

Great moment, great memories and the rest is history...
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I'm curious about the DAC you mentionned...especially from someone with a reference one DAC in his sig... what was it ?
Too bad I missed it. I guess it was on sunday.
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Please put your impressions in the impressions thread:
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It was saturday.

Was a Behringer SRC2496 modified.
We connect it when Phoenix have show up.
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what's the next meet of Montreal? .......

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