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2010 Montreal FSI [Head-fi] Meet

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Hey guys

I know there was a nice little room for Head-fier's last year at Montreals FSI show.

Anyone know if we are all gathering together for another meet.

This years Montreal FSI 2010 is happening
March 25 - 28

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I do believe the discussion is about to move over.

In the Montreal meet thread they are getting ready to move over to start this thread. I think Papomaster is getting the final details before he commits to this thread. You can check the other thread or wait till the action starts here.

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Thanks Bikeboy999 for the heads-up

Hope to see you there this year.
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Any knews yet?

Hello all,

Has anyone (papomaster) had any more news on the SSI in Montreal?

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yes are in!

***** THREAD'S MAIN POST *****

I will post all the updates on the meet here.


It will be held on march 26th, 27th and 28th at the Hilton Centre in montreal.

The SSI organizer, Michel Plante, gave me a 100% confirmation that we would have a booth at the next SSI. We will be in either the Fontaine D or the Fontaine E :

In to top this, we have it for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! The fee for exposants for that room is 8000 USD for the week-end, plus the insurance fees, and we don't pay a cent!

The room is around 60' x 24', will have separate booth for each setup and there may be a couple of other headphones vendors put with us as well (see Michel and I agreed on some measures to enhance headphone listening and overall environment in the booth.

Again, the meet is free for everyone to attend. Should you like to be there as an exposant (and not just a visitor), just post here with the days you will be able to attend and the gear you will bring.

Be aware though that it will be quite hard to move your things in and out, so if you aren't there you should find someone to watch over your stuff, or pack it back until you return.

Here is the current list of attendies and their stack:


Denon dv-5900 modded by partsconnexion
Acurus ACD-11
Cambridge DVD89
Citypulse da7.2x
Music Hall MMF-5 + cambridge 540p

ASL Twinhead mk1

Recabled ATH-AD2000


AKG K701
Sennheiser HD280Pro
Beta22 (Almost definitely)
Twisted Pear Audio USB Receiver (used as DAC and amplifier)
Toshiba lappy


Grado HF2 (with jumbo, maybe recabled by then)
HD650 unfoamed and recabled
WA2 maxxed with blackgates
Beta22 3ch... 99% done by now but probably won't be enclosed before the show


JH13 Pro
Sheer Audio HA-006+ (Dynalo)
Adcom GDA-600
Pico Slim (if I receive it before the meet)


TC Electronics Konnekt 24D Firewire based external soundcard
DIY Canare GS-1 TRS-RCA cables
DIY SOHA II high current version with CBS 7318 tubes
Joseph Grado HP2 with JGUWBRC cable

Sony NWZ-E436F
Etymotic HF5

More to come!


****** Original post from 02-05-2010 ********
If you have followed the other montreal meet thread, you might have seen that I had a 99% confirmation from the SSI (it has changed name since last year) organizer. We should be in one of the large rooms, which he told me should be strategically placed so that it is under the least residual noise from the other rooms.

If you want to be involved in it, please post here what you would be interested in doing : bringing gear, be there at the booth (you could lend your gear to someone else to show at the booth), call sponsors to get demo gear, help me organize, or anything you can think of.

Please remember guys: this is an expo, not the typical "bring gear and listen to it all day long chatting with friends". We will probably still have plenty if time to listen to the gear, it just won't be continuous listening, more of a PR meet.
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I can do what is required.

Hey Papomaster,

Like last year I can bring some equipment and stay around the show like we did last year. I have asked Eagle eyes and Mr. Slim and they are both interested in following up the good pr work we started last year. Looking forward to getting more dialogue happening here.

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I'll bring what's in my in my sig except for the active Quad, plus a Pico Slim if I receive it before the meet.

For volunteering, I can do whatever needs to be done to get the meet working.
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I too will be quite happy to render my services, meagre as they are.

As to what I bring, more of the same from last year. Unless by some miracle I acquire funds to buy a shiny new Buffalo-II DAC, though I don't count on that happening for some time yet.
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I don't think we'll have to worry with sources as I crumble under sources right now:

Citypulse da7.2x DAC

Acurus acd-11

Cambridge dvd89

PartsConnexion modded denon dv-5900

Music hall mmf-5.

I spoke with the SSI guy today, and we're having a meeting next friday (19th) to set up things.
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If you have too many source perhaps it'd be a good idea to hook up my SRD-6sb + SR-Gamma to them instead of my not so good Icon.

I'll be there by the way.
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More goodies on my side and I'll be there.
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Originally Posted by papomaster View Post
Please remember guys: this is an expo, not the typical "bring gear and listen to it all day long chatting with friends". We will probably still have plenty if time to listen to the gear, it just won't be continuous listening, more of a PR meet.
What do you meen by PR meet?
What is the venue for if not bring gear and listen to it?
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Originally Posted by punk_guy182 View Post
What do you meen by PR meet?
What is the venue for if not bring gear and listen to it?
I think it will be more of a show-off meet to get better Head-Fi, i.e headphones enthusiasts, recognition in the audio world.
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I will come to the SSI but I cannot help for the meet. I have too much stuff to do these days and I cannot bring all my things.

I might stay a little at the meet but I cannot guarantee any time.
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news from the SSI

I had a very interesting meeting with the SSI organizer on friday, but was gone yesterday to a badminton tournament so I couldn't post the resumee until today. Rest assured, I only have really good news to bring you guys! Michel is a reaaaaaaally cool guy, and we really had some super conversation topics about audio in general. I also found out he has been an AKG salesman, and is working for Sennheiser right now, so he knows a lot of stuff about the headphone world and was really enthousiastic about having us at the expo.

Here are some things that were pointed out:

It seems we will have our own room at the show! We wouldn't be alone in the room but it would be entirely devoted to headphones. He also asked me to "design" the perfect room for our needs (!!!), so I said :

- Having tables spread around the walls with separaters between them for greater intimacy for the different setups.

- We should have the lights dimmed to 1) make a more cozy listening environment 2) slow everyone (people tend to walk slower when there is less light) 3) make people focus on one setup for a longer period of time instead of staying at every station for a minute or two as you get more distracted when the lights are fully turned on.

- He might put some monster or bose stands in the room. Wait, don't panick! He asked me first if we were afraid of having "big" brands in our room and people sticking there instead of listening to the audiophile brands we've got, question to which I answered, "If people here brands like bose and akg side to side, there is no way they will ever listen, promote, sell or even let a friend buy bose stuff anymore...", at which point he had a big smile and said "Yep, we'll go and ask monster if they want a table in your room then.". Another thing I pointed out is that they should have a regular table and not taking 75% of the space, like they do in electronic stores. Man, after all the head-fi bose bashing, we may even have some bose-bashing LIVE!

- As for setting up our gear, everyone who will be exposing will have to register (same as last year), then we can all go separately in the room to set up things during the week. The hotel will be opened for set-up purposes from tuesday morning up till the end of the expo on sunday, just show up with your name/badge and some lady will follow you up to the room so you can install your stuff.

- Another thing with the gear: we should find something to make sure nothing gets stolen during the expo. He told me that at least 2-3 things were stolen every year, like a pair of hd600 at the senn booth last year, and since our stuff is pretty small, lightweight and there will be most likely a lot of stuff laying around, we should take extra care of everything so that robbers will have a hard time taking our stuff. Michel told me he knew the guy who sells the security locks to major electronic stores (the small magnetic locks they put behind mp3 players and other stuff) and he would try to make a deal for us and maybe everyone at the expo. Everyone who thinks about coming or lending gear at someone for them to have it exposed at the SSI should think about a way of protecting their stuff.

Other good news:

- We won't have to pay the accident insurance every other exposants have to pay. In fact, we won't have to pay at all! A room like we have is around 15k, if I remember correctly... so

- He will have some flashing posters made to identify the room in and out.

Finally, he had a very interesting suggestion for us: He thought about us having a speech at some point in the meet with the people involved at the show (he said "everyone", at which point I had a big gulp, so he said "well, we'll figure that out later") to expose our point of view as consumers about the headphone scheme, and audio in general. He was really interested in having everyone reminded by audio enthousiasts that audio is all about enjoying the music, and having us talk about our experiences in audio would be a blast, and could be a high point of the expo.

That last point is to be discussed I am sure...

I would love to have everyone's thoughts about it. And boy, I think we're going to have a GREAT meet!
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