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Sennheiser hd380 pro = no bass!

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So I was duped by the sales person at guitar center, they said these headphones would have great bass.

Not so much....it's actually very weak, and will distort on some tones. Very sad for $200 headphones.

So, I'm still looking for some headphones that have skull shattering bass.

I'm going to return these soon. I just joined these forums so I'll go ahead and search for "awesome bass" or something, heh.

Other than the lack of bass, they weren't that bad at all. But the cord is realllllllly stupid (coiled, wtf?).
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Oh yeah, another quip I had was the headphones do not "squeeze" against your head very well. If you move your head slightly, you will easily break the seal of the pad on your head, drastically reducing the quality of sound and bass. That was really annoying.
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Try burning them in for 200 hours or so first, should improve over the whole spectrum. Burn in is a myth but who cares if it's said to be fake if YOU like the differences you hear? Ultrasone HFI-780 have loads of bass, not the best headphones but still have a lot of bass. Denon D2000 should be on your list too. What equipment are you using? If they are coming straight from an iPod no wonder there is no bass.
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Beyer DT770 pro is known for its uber bass.

Also the Senn HD380 pro features the same housing/shell as the PC350, which is pretty bass anemic in its stock form, until you drill three little holes inside of it;


At which point it gains thundering, sometimes overwhelming bass, and that's just straight off a sound card.

Anyone get a pair of HD380s yet and determine if the inner housing is the same, and therefore the drilling trick turns up the bass?
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they distort?
I must say it might be from your setups, not the phone per se.
If you only care about the bass quantity just bump them up with some EQs.
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If you want bass try the sennheiser 212s from guitar center. Extremely portable, heavy bass and really good sound isolation while being light. Guitar center has them so u should be able to try them. They are like 70$ and in my mind a good starting point for anything in high-fi stuff. The sound is fun for a while and then you start to develop into wanting more balanced headphones.
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DT770 pro 80 ohm
M-audio Q40
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The HD 380 is supposed to be a more natural and balanced headphone-- don't expect skull crushing bass out of them as that is not what they were designed for. The musician in the studio needs balance. Also the coiled cable is ideal for those doing mixing and editing at a desk; a practice that requires constant reaching and adjustment in the sitting position-- a coiled cable prevents tangles in this case, and is PREFERRED by the recording musician for a cleaner setup.

Long story short, you simply have the wrong headphone for your purpose and should try the HD 212 as suggested. The HD 380 continues to be one of our best-sellers. The comment about the breached seal is correct-- you need a proper seal to achieve the best sound in a closed headphone. Some folks put the PXC 450 pads on these for extra coupling.
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I agree with the rep. I have their older brother, the HD280s, and I use them mainly for recording where its neutral-ish frequency response works quite well and the seal is a godsend. Then I switch to less neutral phones like the 650s for final adjusting of EQs and mix. I agree about the cord, the coil keeps it short and untangled.

They aren't the best for plain listening, though.
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I already have hd212's and they were a big dissapointment, if not worse than the 380's.

The source is from an auzentech sound card.

I will likely go with Utrasone after reading these forums.
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Wow. They certainly have all the bass I will ever need (in fact, it often seems like subwoofer bass and shakes my spine.)


Some people just like to be pounded into submission by bass I guess (which is why Beats were invented.)

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Originally Posted by catsndogs View Post

Wow. They certainly have all the bass I will ever need (in fact, it often seems like subwoofer bass and shakes my spine.)


I agree about the bass. Loving it right now.

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If you want skull shattering bass, you shouldn't be looking at professional brands like sennheiser. Go for beats or skull candy. They will provide you the subwoofer bass, and bass only.

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HD380pro is a bassy headphone (for me its not neutral at all)  but has a lot a sub bass, not mid bass and the bass aren't punchy imo.


If you want punchy bass for <150$, you can try HFi580.

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