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Custom shells from earplugs

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Hey all.
I just picked up some Radians custom molded earplugs, and I was just wondering if anyone had any experience putting some IEMs into some?

My main question revolves around getting the right alignment, and whether it's better to press the phones in while curing, drill a hole after curing, or use a straw or stick to keep the hole open.

I'm not sure if I want to try it with my Sony Mdr-ex71 or my ety4i, either.
Any thoughts there?

I'll probably try them out this weekend and keep you posted on my progress.

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In terms of universal earplugs, Bilavideo appears to have spent countless hours building (nearly from scratch) his own BA IEMs.
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Ok, so now I've tried the earplugs.
The radians system is basically some sort of rubbery epoxy, made from two silly-putty-like components.

I tried to follow the basic instructions for making earplugs, but with a straw in my ear canal to guide the rest of plug construction.

Unfortunately, it was a failure.

The plug system works well enough, but trying to shove an Etymotic er6i into them just didn't work, the plugs tore

Oh well, I'm out 15$ and I might try to use them as ear plugs/positive molds for some other method.

For images, check out flickr
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Check out this company

Fuze Custom Earphones Headphones | Easy & Affordable Custom Fit Earphones in 15 Minutes

They seem to use pretty much the same material as Radians. I think your idea might work if you insert the earphone into your ear and then mold the material around that. I will be trying this soon for one of my headsets.
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