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Originally Posted by somestranger26 View Post
Oh hell yes! Now I can give Apple a ludicrous sum of money for a nicely-designed brick and then give them even more money for adapters that I can only use one of at a time, instead of just having them on the device to begin with. REVOLUTIONARY!

You really have no clue what you're talking about. Each company does not make their own processor architecture, otherwise there would be about 50 different versions of Windows instead of the already-too-many 5. Qualcomm makes ARM CPUs. AMD and Intel make x86 CPUs. Motorola does not make PPC CPUs (IBM is the only [?] one who does), or CPUs at all for that matter, where the hell did you get that from? They spun their processor division (which made ARM, not PPC, CPUs) off into Freescale which... *drumroll* makes ARM CPUs and System-on-a-chip solutions. Guess what Apple's "A4 custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip" is? A glorified ARM processor. Not revolutionary, just a lot of marketing crap.
If you would take the time to actually read what i wrote and you quoted, you could see that I never claimed that Apple made the chip, that is all you, somestranger26!

Apple says they designed the chip, and I quoted them right off of their specification page, which is why I used quote marks. Motorola made the entire 68000x line of Apple's early CPUs btw, you can find out more here:

"Apple does use third party components, however. Current Mac CPUs use Intel's x86 architecture; models from 1994-2006 used the AIM alliance's PowerPC and models from 1984-1994 used Motorola's 68k."

"The PowerPC 600 family was the first family of PowerPC processors built. They were designed at the Somerset facility in Austin, Texas, jointly funded and staffed by engineers from IBM and Motorola as a part of the AIM alliance."

Seems like you are the one who needs a clue, somestranger26.

And yes Apple markets this "crap" quite well, in fact better than anyone else.

Is Apple's success at using words like "revolutionary" when they re-define a paradigm or introduce an entirely new consumer product sector (again and again) what makes you so insecure about them?

It seems to me that they are one of the brightest lights for an American company in this global economic crisis.
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Engadget says it's a modified Tegra 2 chip:

Apple's A4 is an ARM-based system-on-a-chip a la Tegra 2? -- Engadget
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If only there was a usb port on it...
So far, it seems like an oversized ipod touch/iphone.
I'm still all pros for buying an HP touchsmart for my music server / jukebox.
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Originally Posted by ca95f View Post
If only there was a usb port on it...
So far, it seems like an oversized ipod touch/iphone.
I'm still all pros for buying an HP touchsmart for my music server / jukebox.
I agree that it totally sucks to have to buy easy-to-misplace accessories to have a (perhaps limited to photo transfer by their description) usb port or a card slot.

They claim that the battery will last an entire month on standby, so that's something.

And I also hate the name, by the way, and agree about the feminine product association. Even fanboys can be critical.

Not that I really am one, I've just been using Apples forever, before they had Macs. I think that "Every OS Sucks", Apple's just sucks the least. That's a really funny song, by the way.

Apple has a huge head start on the multi-touch OS from the iPhone, but the two devices use different processors and their OS's will evolve differently, like a fork in the road on the way to two diverging realities.

This is just the Beginning.

The Evolution of this device will be the Revolution
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Funny how the majority of head-fi disregards Bose, but are more than happy to leap merrily into Apple's arms.
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Originally Posted by Lil' Knight View Post
The keyboard looks great though. Not sure if we could use it the iTouch/iPhone.
X2 !

Would be really nice

Saw a few DIY-iphone keyboard on the internet, but thats one heck of a nice accessory for the the iphone

Originally Posted by cn11 View Post
What a missed opportunity for Apple. It's a product aimed at media usage. Apple has always been the go-to company for design computers, and as such should have incorporated wacom active digitization, stylus, and some serious horsepower, so it could be utilized as a drawing/concepting tool. As a product designer who's been forced for years to use PC tablets for sketching, I held out hope that Apple would do this sector proud with their tablet release. Instead what do we get? A basic product which is only aimed at entertainment.

Way to go Apple.
Cool, didn't thought about it in that perspective, thanks for sharing
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Originally Posted by SoupRKnowva View Post
As evident by its 10 hour battery life, and that is while watching a movie.
Thats nothing to be proud of, 2 years ago devices with a 10"screen, 160gb hdd, wifi, bluetooth, usb ports, built in keyboards were acheiving 8 hours of battery life with a standard supplied user replaceable battery.
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Originally Posted by Lil' Knight View Post
I doubt it can.
Yes it can. There's an app for that - no joke.
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I wouldn't even call this an over sized iphone, it's an over sized Ipod touch. At least the Iphone has a camera and a phone. This thing looks to have the functionality of a Frisbee yet cost more than even the better touchscreen netbooks out now.

The apple freaks can moan all they want about a netbook running windows 7 but that literally gives you access to millions of actual programs making a netbook dramatically more useful. Plus you get a built in camera, microphone and usb slots and user change able battery upgradeable memory and hard drive.
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Will Apple offer iShirts and iPants with pockets large enough to accommodate the iPad?
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i was hoping for a door handle on the back in the middle so i could use it as a phone
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I am sure it is very nice when it is in your hand, and i am sure that app developers will be able to come up with some special stuff for it - but the fact that it's connectivity is limited to the dock-out is a big turn off for me. I guess I will wait and see whether the usb-dock connector thing is flexible with what can be plugged in (DAC being the most vital thing for me). I guess I was hoping to see something leaning less towards Iphone/Ipod touch and more towards mac.
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