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Picked up one of these from Nikongod at the last NYC Head-Fi Meet for $90.  


Loving it.  


Put in some NOS RCA's - nothing too fancy, just good solid American tubes - and running this as an impedance match between my eastern electric minimax dac (which has an impossibly HIGH output impedance running with an e80cc) into a (yes this is highly strange) Pico Slim amp (which obviously has an incredibly LOW  imput impedance requirement) to JH13 iems.  I use the Pico Slim because it's the best amp I've found for the JH13s, and those are now my sole headphones.


Sound was good before, but after the tube buffer addition, it's considerably improved due to the impedance matching.


Very happy camper.


To upgrade (sidegrade) to the Anedio D2 would require selling all this nonsense first, so I'm now more likely to stick with this setup for a while.  Also, with multiple caps, tubes, and op amps to roll, I can change the sound every few months and convince myself that it's another "upgrade" ;)

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