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IC: NAD C440 Tuner

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IC: NAD C440 Tuner.

I've owned this unit for 8 years, and it's in great shape. I still have the original box and manual. Can include a small Radio Shack antenna (plastic square) that brought in all my local stations very well. More info on the NAD can be found here:

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Are you just trying to get rid of it? I don't see the price/shipping.thx
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Yes, just trying to find it a new home since I don't use it anymore and it's perfectly functional. I'm checking interest before I take photos, research pricing, etc.

I'm also open to trades.

By the way, I did a quick e-bay search, and only one came up recently. It sold for $168, but I'm willing to go lower than that. Does $120 plus shipping seem reasonable?
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