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AC Adapter ratings

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If the voltage of an AC adapter matches the requirement of the unit (say, 9V) and the amperage exceeds it (assume the unit needs 600 mA or 800 mA and the transformer can offer more, up to 1500 mA, is that a problem? The adapter is also charging a battery in the portable player -- wil the higher amperage cause any problems?

I ask because Radio Shack offers a line of AC adapters at various voltages that are much, much smaller, with folding AC plugs, and slightly more expensive than the "normal" ones ($15 vs. $23), but all of the small ones have these high maximum amperage ratings.
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JML, there are no problems using higher-amperage AC adapters - the unit or charger will draw only the amperage it REALLY needs. It is with lower-amperage AC adapters that problems will most likely occur - if the adapter's output amperage rating is too low, the AC adapter will overheat, damaging it and/or the device it is connected to.
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ya my sony md recorder didn't come with an ac adaptor so i bought a generic one (from walmart, CHEAPER THAN RAT SHACK), and it has a high amperage rating, but it works fine. Eagle driver is completely right about the whole low amp bad high amp ok thing.
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