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Mixamp connected to another amp??

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Hey everyone I have a question about connecting the mixamp to another amp to. I have the mixamp and im using it with my ps3 and my k601. It drives them pretty good for gaming. No real problems, but I'm about to get a pico portable amp, and I was wondering if i could somehow hook that up to my mixamp as well to get even better drive for my k601. Has anyone tried something similar to this? If so, any improvement? thanks
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I've tried it. Used a vhp-2 desktop amp with the mixamp. Just connect the portable amp to the 3.5mm headphone jack of the mixamp. There doesn't seem to be any problems with this, but there could be some issues with Dolby Headphone being processed with the extra amp.
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Did you notice any improvements doing this, mainly with your headphones that are harder to drive. Have you used both your dt880 and k601 with the mixamp? If so, which one do you find is better at positioning sounds in fps games? I was having a hard time deciding between the k601 and dt880 and ultimately ended up going with the k601.
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The big question is whether you're getting distortion, clipping, or other serious issues out of the mixamp hooked up to the K601. If not there's no way you're going to improve it.

For example, the SU-DH1 doesn't provide enough power to the K601, and when cranked has serious distortion issues. At 1/3 - 1/2 power though the measurements are solid, I use it as a preamp (so to speak) to my desktop amp which DOES have enough power to drive them.

So if the mixamp is already doing the job then it seems pointless to slap another amp on it. If however the mixamp is insufficient than an amp may fix the shortcomings.
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