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new a700 distortion in games?

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i just got audio technica a700's a week ago and since i started playing games like l4d2 i've been noticing some distortion going on.

For example whenever i play infected you know how a noise is played whenever you're allowed to spawn?
that sound gets distorted every time it plays as well as a few other actions. (l4d player will know what i'm talking about)

Will this just go away as the headphones burn in? because these are brand new.
Also i'm using the headphones at mid volume and my soundcard is a asus xonar dx, no amp.

Thanks for any help.
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Update sound card Drivers?
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what sound card and what volume levels on the eq, wave, and volume sliders?
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I'm not a L4D player but..

It wont go away with burn in, burn in merely changes the sound signiature. Perhaps your sound card isn't up to scratch to drive the headphones properly? What're you running in there?
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Verify game cache
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Have you ever noticed distortion while listening to music?
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Check to make sure no EQ or volume boost is enabled on your sound card. You can also turn down the L4D volume a bit, I usually goto my console and change the volume that way. eg go to your console by hitting "~", then type "volume .5" or something along those lines.
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fixed it, I lowered the asus control panel volume from 75 to 25 and i get no distortion now, thanks for the help.
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