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SOLD 07-11-01: Grado SR-80

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For Sale- 1 Pair of Grado SR-80 Stereophones. $70 including shipping in The United States only. Will be shipped 2-3 day USPS. Includes the origional box, original 1/8 to 1/4 adapter, the original Circumsock (tm) earpads, and all paperwork except receipt. The headband has not been purposely bent. The only bending has occoured from normal wear. They have been well cared for and never thrown around. The buttons on the griles have been removed. The gold plating on the 1/8 jack is slightly worn, but most of the plating is still there. They are well broken in and have never been played louder than the max on my Panasonic SL-CT470 portable player. They sound great and work perfectly. I am selling these because I have a pair of Sennheiser HD580s that I like better, and because I would like to purchase a pair of Grado SR-325s or RS-2s. I have dealt with other people on Headwize and have always paid for goods very quickly. I will accept money orders only as payment.
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SR-80's for the price of SR-60's...It's times like these when I wished I lived in the U.S.!
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Just bumping this to the top.
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Price reduced to $60. That is less than 65% of the Retail $95!
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i'll buy them, check your PM Voyager
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Paradigm, your pm mailbox is full and I cant pm you.
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I just cleaned it, try now
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So what happened? Did paradigm buy them?
(Just wondering, I cant afford it tho)
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No, but they are sold. I wanted to wait until I got the money order though before I said sold.
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