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i say spend the money on an amp. You're gonna have amazing headphones with the edition 8's but its just insane if you dont get a decent amp for them. I dont have any good recommendations, im SURE other people here will, but i PROMISE that your money will be best spent on an amp, and not another pair of headphones.

edit: Or a better source, such as a USB DAC to run with your macbook.
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Cries for MODERATION?!? What is this forum coming to? LOL!

I would think it also may depend on what kind of music you listen to and what your tastes are. Why do you want the soundstage? What is good bass to your ears? I love listening to my PK1's out of either of my portable amps, but some people think it lacks bass. I think it's got quite enough.

Kick around with your new Edition 8's then compare what people describe it as, see if it fits with what you think. See what else is out there that may be a good complement. Or go for something that sounds largely the same with the airy "open" sound. So many choices, in the end it all really depends on what you're after.
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You may want to try ATH-AD900 or AD2000 - they are apparently very easy to drive.
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Originally Posted by Tiltman View Post
What about AKG-701s or Beyerdynamics 990. I heard these cans have the best soundstage for the ipod. Is this true? So many choices, not enough ears.

Any feedback on my question earlier?
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You'll need something easy to drive. Grado's will do. But if you want wide soundstage I also recommend ATH AD900. They are easily driven and has a wide soundstage. It has a bright sound signature though.
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Just to clear up any confusion. I have an amp already. I bought an SR-71 to run my headphones. All i need are some nice open headphones. I am good in the amp department for now.
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Does the hd595 beat things like momentum, p7, and hp50 for ipod usafe?
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You should take a look at Philips Fidelio L2.
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