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SR60-Recommended Mods?

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Hi folks,

First time poster, so be gentle. I've had a set of SR60s for about 6 years, and I absolutely love them. The only issue I have is that the cable shrouds at the Y-split are starting to split again, and I'd like to modify it so that they never have this problem again. The first time this happened, I sent them out to Grado to get repaired, and they came back perfect.

I figure if I'm going to repair them again, I'd like to spruce the set up with a better quality wire, and a more resilient shroud.

Also, what are some other recommended mods? I have two different sets of foam. The stiffer, donut foam sounds much better than the softer set, but an hour or two into it, and they start hurting quite a bit.

Thanks for putting up with noob questions.
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This is a great place to start:

HeadWize - Project: The Collected Grado Headphone Mods by "Skippy" et al.
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Thanks for the link MD!
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buy a beyer headband for it.
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Thanks for the info folks.

I gutted the stock Grado pads with a quarter and flipped them about an hour ago. The difference between them and the donuts I had on earlier today is a world of comfort!

They don't bother my ears as much, but I think I'm going to end up with the 414 cushions eventually. As far as sound quality is concerned, it's not as muted as it was when they were stock, and about as equal [maybe a touch warmer] than the foam donuts.

Thumbs up!
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