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Alright, back to the great deal business!

Today we have 3 TTVJ Portable Millett Hybrid amps that were used for the loaner program or were repaired. All of them are in good condition with no major blemishes. They were $449 but we reduced the price to $379 for a new unit. These units are down to $300! Save over 20%. SOLD

I also took back on a trade a RSA Tomahawk in very good condition. I am selling it for $200.SOLD

Look for more great deals to come later this week!
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The Sophia Baby does not have a headphone jack on it.

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Here is another great deal on a returned item...

The SOTA Comet with a dust cover and I-Clamp. Retails new for $1305 and now on sale for $900.

A great way to get into audiophile vinyl listening. Just add a cartridge and you are off and listening to great sound. A very fine turntable with the S251 Rega arm.

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