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Great Deals!  

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HI All,

I have a few nice pieces of gear here that could use a good home. I hope to add a piece or two to this thread every day or two. Over the years I have collected a number of items that were either demo pieces or returned on our 30 day money back guarantee.

Recently I had an Arcam FMJ CD137 CD/SACD player returned. It was used for less than 30 days and is in mint condition. The list price is $2199. I am willing to part with it for $1750. The CD37 is Black.

You can find a review of it here...
SoundStage! - The Audio Authority - - Arcam FMJ CD37 CD/SACD Player

This is what it looks like...

You can call me to order. 866-444-3910 There is only 1 of these so it is first come first serve.
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HI All,

Today brings a new entry here.

Today we have the Manley Labs Stingray integrated amplifier. It is brand new in the box. It is the older version that is not the iPod version currently being sold.

List price is $2250 but we will let it go for $1700!

This is a very fine piece of gear and highly recommended!

8 EL84 tubes deliver 20 triode watts of power. 4 line inputs with volume and balance control. A very nice integrated amp from Manley. Golden Ear winner!

* 4 x Stereo Line RCA Inputs
* TRIODE - UL Switching
* TAPE LOOP (Insert) with Bypass switch
* Passive Noble Volume and Balance Controls
* All-Vacuum Tube Lo-feedback Stereo Integrated Design
* Output Tubes: 8 x EL84 Ships with Ei 6BQ5
* Driver Tubes: 2 x 6414 Ships with GE or RAYTHEON JAN NOS USA or 6414W
* Input Tubes: 2 x 12AT7WA Ships with: Ei 12AT7 large plate

* Maximum Output Power UL mode: 40 Watts x 2 channels 1.5% THD @ 1kHz
* Maximum Output Power TRIODE mode: 20 Watts x 2 channels
* Frequency Response: 15 Hz - 40 kHz, -1dB
* Gain: 37 dB at max Volume
* Input Sensitivity: 185 mV in = 50 watts out into 5 ohms
* Input Sensitivity Triode: 66mV in = 1W into 8 ohms
* Input Sensitivity UL: 53mV in = 1W into 8 ohms
* S/N Ratio: typically 87 dB A-WGT, 20Hz-20KHz
* Input Impedance: 50 Kohm nominal
* Optimum Speaker Load: 5 ohms
* Actual Output Impedance at 20Hz: 2.8 ohms
at 100Hz: 2.6 ohms
at 1KHz: 2 ohms
* Damping Factor: 5
* Power Consumption Idle: 200W
* Maximum Power Consumption at Full Power: 370W
* Power Cord: Detachable IEC standard.
* Dimensions: W= 19", D=14", H= 5 1/2"
* Shipping Weight: 30 lbs.
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Here we have the VPI Scout new in box. Get the Scout with a new Dynavector 17D3, Shelter 501II, Lyra Dorian or Grado Master for $2200. Only one available!

This is a great turntable with some great cartridges to go along with the Scout!

Call to order and get the $2200 pricing.

This offer expires on 2/22/2010 the new price will be $2350.
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Today we have a great surround sound speaker package from Anthony Gallo Acoustics. It is the A'Diva 5.1 Surround System in black. Listing at $1629, we will part with our brand new in the box system for $1200 - that is over $400 in savings. Only one black model is available at this price!

You'll have to call to order these. 866-444-3910

The system includes 5 A'Diva speakers and 1 TR-1 sub.

This is a current package and is a really good deal. The sound is amazing from these spherical speakers.

You also get mounting and table top stands in the package!
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Here's an oldie but goodie.

I have 3 of these in stock... They were $799 list but I am selling them for $400!
The Sonic Integrity Tube Pod. This is a complete system - iPod dock, tube amplifier (made by Dared and the same as the FatMan) and a pair of speakers. it does have an imput for an additional source such as a cd player. AND it has a decent headphone jack! Is it audiophile???, well no but it is very good for $400. It was a good deal for $799.

A great office, bedroom, dorm room, or just for a second system. Also a great gift for the kids - get them going on good sound!

How does it look? You be the judge...

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Here's another item that was returned by a customer and has been used for less than 30 days. The Music Hall MMF 5.1 is in like new condition. It lists for $875 new and can be had today for $650. That's over 25% off!

This is a great way to get started in you vinyl quest!
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Here we have a very nice low wattage amplifier. The Sophia Baby is ideal for use with efficient speakers, as a desktop amplifier or for a system in a small room. I also like it with the K1000 headphone. The list on this amp is $899 but I have 3 of them and will part with them now for $550 each.

1.Wide frequency range from 6 Hz to 80,000 Hz +/-3dB.

2. Impressive -95dB Signal/Noise (S/N) ratio. Which made it possible to drive 112 dB horn speakers without noise. This would translate into dead quiet performance on any speakers you use.

3. Big sound was achieved when there is high definition of music information.

4. Realistic, live performance like, male and female voice. Great for jazz, rack, vocal, and opera.

5. Wide dynamic range makes it also suitable for wide range of music.

6. Have more power and drive capability than a typical 300B single ended amp (8 watts) or a 40-50 watts solid-state amp. Should work with speakers above 89 dB efficiency and 8 ohm impedence.

7. One year Warranty on major parts and labor. 6 month on tubes. Replacement tube is $15 each unit.

8. Special Price: $899.99 (this is the list price!) but our price is $600

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his is an item anyone with out power conditioning should have. The Silver Circle Circle Audio Juice Box Jr is ideal for headphone rigs. It has 2 outlets allowing for a source and headphone amp to be plugged in.

List price on the Juice Box Jr is $199.99. I am offering them for $175. I have 2 of them that I will sell for this price. They are brand new in the box and come highly recommended from TTVJ!

From Silver Circle Audio...

The juice box jr. was suggested to us by several audiophiles who wanted cost effective power filtration device for their amplifiers only. The product was developed to fill a niche in the audiophile market: that is, the cost-conscious audiophile wanting to derive the utmost from existing gear.

The juice box jr. utilizes the same proprietary passive filter as its big brother, the juice box one and has one high performance receptacle and IEC inlet. Like the juice box one, the juice box jr. is provided without a power cord.

We have 4 more in stock as of 2/17/2010!
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That Tube Pod is tempting.
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Here are a couple of headphone amps that are very good but have been hanging out here too long... The Meier Audio Eartube

I have 2 of them. They are not "new" in the box but both of them have less than 200 hours on them and closer to 100 hours. Basically they are broken in.

I have tried them with the HD800 and they sound very good with it. They also do a great job on the HD650 and HD600. Grado headphones also sound very good as does the K701.

I will sell each one for $850. The were over $1200 new.
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HI All,

Today we have a pair of Grado headphones - old style that have been terminated with a Cardas Cable. They are like new and they have a slight problem. The "V" between the earphones and the junction of the cable is short making these ideal for those who have a smaller head.

They are a snug fit!

Here is a pic of the GS1000 with Cardas. T The retail is $1150 but we will part with these for $700.

Here is a pic of the Grado RS-1. This one does have the buttons. It is in mint condition. These will go for $500SOLD!!!
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And another CD player - this one from Cayin. The CD50T is a tube, single ended cd player with remote.

It lists for $1050 but we are letting it go for $750! It is brand new in the box!

Don't let this one pass you by! Calll us to order.

here is a link to the product page at the Cayin website...

VAS Audio
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Hi All,

Get the most from your system with great power conditioning. Today we have 2 pieces from Exact Power. One is our former demo model and is in very good shape.

The Exact Power EP15A (in black) is an excellent way to upgrade your entire system. It cleans up your power and allows the components to do their thing. Listed new for $2500 and now at 50% off for only $1250 + shipping.Now reduced to $1100!!! + shipping

And new in the box the Exact Power Ultra Pure (in Silver). Listed for $1800 but will part with this one for $1200 + shipping

Look for more deals to come!
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Hi All,

I have fixed the links to our new website so if you click on the pictures all of the products on this thread go where they are supposed to go - so click away! We also reduced the price of a couple of products and added a few options on another. So this has been updated!

And today we have some new in the box cartridges from Grado Labs. With the advent of the new 1 series cartridges brought the retirement of these... They are priced at over 30% off and closer to 33%.

The Statement was $2500 now only $1750!

The Statement Reference was $1200 now only $900!

And last but not least the Grado Statement Platinum was $300 now only $200. I highly recommend this to anyone getting started in high end vinyl. This cartridge delivers a LOT for $200!!!

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Does the Sophia Baby have a headphone jack? ( 1/4 or 1/8).
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