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CDP for MD conversions

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I am looking for a sweet sounding used cd player one ebay or whatever to transfer from CD to MD, and perhaps listening. It does not necessarily have to be portable, but portable is preferable. My sony sports does not have a line out or an optical out, so i need to buy a new one for MD conversions. I was thinking about a DEJ721, but it was too expensive. I dont need the cd text thing either. I would also be appreciative if y'all could recommend some cables.
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you own a sony sports model, and yet the DEJ721 is too expensive for you? At www.minidisco.com its only $109 (without text and optical cables). Thats all you want right? It should be affordable enough. Plus you probably got an optical cable included with your MD i presume. Just go to RAT SHACK and buy that adaptor thing that will change the end with toslink into a mini optical.

I don't believe you can get any other cheaper pcdp that will have an optical out.
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Just choose one with an optical digital output to prevent an unnecessary d/a->a/d conversion. Since the CD player will thus be used as a transport only, it doesn't have to be an Accuphase
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ANYTHING with an optical out will do
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If you live in Long Beach then it may be worth your time to go to the Sony outlet in Lake Elsinore. They had their PCDPs on special the weekend before last and you could have gotten a portable with optical out for $39. They might do this again but don't count on it. But for $60 or $70 you should find some models with optical out, they have several models with it. Also they don't do any mail order or price quotes, you have to go there to buy anything. They will tell you if they have a particular model in stock, though.
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I forgot to add that while I was at the Sony outlet I picked up a new, B-stock (meaning the box was damaged, not refurbished) MDS-JB940 MD home deck for $219. Just about half of what it would cost any where else. I've had good look with refurbished things I've bought there. Open the box and check it out when you purchase it. They will get a different unit if you find any cosmetic damage.
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