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Wyoming Audiophile

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Have any audiophile in wyoming? PM
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Originally Posted by Richard-iu View Post
Have any audiophile in wyoming? PM
We're got some Head-Fi members in Montana, that's for sure! Headroom is in Bozeman, and TTVJ (Todd the Vinyl Junkie) is in Three Forks, near to Bozeman. I haven't seen many, if any, from Wyoming. Not many from Utah or Idaho either. I suppose there are probably quite a few in Salt Lake, but they're more likely to be speaker guys.

I spend as much time out in that general direction as possible during the summer months. Not sure exactly when, but I should be in your neck of the woods at some point this summer. I love Western Wyoming from Yellowstone to Jackson, down the Snake River Canyon, etc. Some really cool scenery, great driving roads, and very hospitable people as well. I get over to Cody, Capser, and Cheyenne every now and then as well.

Every now and then, there are smallish Head-Fi meets held in Colorado, usually somewhere in the Denver metro area or elsewhere along the front range. So depending on where you're at and how willing you are to travel, hopefully you'll get a chance one day to attend a semi-local meet. But of course the grand-daddy of them all is Head-Fi's annual national meet, which will be held in Chicago this year on June 5th-6th. If at all possible, that's the one to do a road trip for!

In any case, don't feel too bad about being isolated. I've got to jump a 500 mile puddle to get back to the mainland, and as far as I know, I'm the only Head-Fi member here in the Cayman Islands. At least the only active one. So I just make the effort to get to as many meets as possible. That's where the real fun is, IMO -- actually getting to know the people behind the monikers.
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