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Originally Posted by MrGreen View Post
Personally I dislike bassier headphones with dance music because the bass is low quality
What the heck are you talkin' about, Willis?! Low quality, how? There are plenty of bassy cans with very high SQ bass, and there are plenty of bassy dance tracks with top-notch low-end production.
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Used Ultrasones, Denons and Beyers are all great choices. I found them to have very unique sounds from each other so each of them definitely warrants a listen. At the $150 price, it may be a bit tough to find the D2000. Beyer DT770 shouldn't be tough, though DT990 would be a bit tougher. HFI-780 or 580 you may find for $150, 780s would be tough but it definitely is possible. I've been wanting to try the DJ1 Pro, but you may be able to find those in your price range as well.

There are tons of recommendations that you can get, but there is probably one or two you will really like, and that will, from my experience, change over time. You will start searching again... it's inevitable... it's part of head-fi

EDIT: Completely forgot! There are some headphones that will be dead easy to find for less than $150, but I think they don't come close to the aforementioned ones.
M-Audio Q40, Equation RP-21, Shure SRH750DJ, Denon D1001, Audio Technica M50... basically the ones I have in my sig right now, I would say, can do Electronica quite well (some better than others with different songs) I honestly would try finding one of the former mentioned ones used. I've liked being able to try all the headphones I have right now! I can definitely say it has allowed me to determine what I like most in a headphone.
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Originally Posted by sampson_smith View Post
What the heck are you talkin' about, Willis?! Low quality, how? There are plenty of bassy cans with very high SQ bass, and there are plenty of bassy dance tracks with top-notch low-end production.
I was talking about the bass in 90% of dance tracks, not in headphones.
I disagree almost entirely regarding dance tracks having high quality bass.

Learn to read.
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I'll assume that you are having a bad day, Mr. Green. There is no need to make off-hand comments like that to me or any other Head-fi member. Your comment was ambiguous and I was asking--cheekily I'll admit--for clarity. I did not expect you to resent what I had to say, nor did I expect that you would unfurl so easily when asked a simple question. More often than not, from what I recall, you bring substance with what you say in these forums. Today, much less than desired, apparently.

What sort of dance tracks do you speak of? Perhaps you haven't heard any good dance tracks of late; they live and die by how effective their low end conveys rhythm and that buoyant, infectious dancey vibe. Most good dance tracks have reasonably high quality bass. That's practically a truism.
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I listen predominantly to Dance/Club/Electronica genres of music or music that contains many percussive instruments.

Since you enjoy Dance music I'm going to assume that you must like Dancing to it.In fact the people who do not understand Dance music are the people whom have never really felt it as it's intended - I.E - Dancing passionately too,

I have just bought a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50. They have a well balanced sound and sonically can handle the huge variety in dynamics that Dance Styles of music play with.
But their Big.I use them for making music and for this they do a great Job.

Equally as Good sounding are the westone 3's.Which is no small feat for a I.E.M to sound equally as Good as a Big pair of studio grade Headphones like the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's.

The main difference between the two,besides a few minor sound details***

are their size and weight.I can wear the westone 3's all day long with a natural feel because of their light weight.

They Both sound great with Dance music.I can produce a track with the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's then listen to it with the westone 3's and all the characteristic's of that track are as equally clear in both.

*** headphones vibrate the head more whilst I.E.M mostly send all the sound direct to your ear drum.It's largely a matter of preference which your used too.
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I will second the ATH-m50, I listen to mostly trance and techno/dance music all day as I program and I have been loving these. They have a good amount of bass while keeping everything clear. I have not tried most of the headphones mentioned in this thread so I am just saying how much I like these.
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Originally Posted by Primetime1337 View Post
They have a good amount of bass while keeping everything clear. I have not tried most of the headphones mentioned in this thread so I am just saying how much I like these.
I'd say they have a Equal amount of bass in comparison to the other frequency's.They handle the lows like bass drums or synthesisers well and are punchy with the beats.They also have a clear high end.

So basically they should be Good with all kinds of music.
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DUDES!!!! HAHAHA damn I'm so incredibly sorry for the long ass reply, I didn't forget about you guys or this forum at all, I had to disappear for a tad, but in fact the past few weeks in the back of my mind I've been THANKING YOU!!

And from reading your guys posts I think I'm starting to get it now. That this is just the way it is and just one reason why this forum exists, we all want those perfect cans, that perfect sound, with our perfect music, and we want it now! HAHA So I think I see now it's all about the journey and trying all these things out and learning along the way! Yeah embrace the energy I am amped as hell because yes I have been listening to my Audio Technica ATH-AD700's to some high nrg beats, and yes I love to dance to it and agree completely IDM is a music you have to understand, it's a feeling, it's a vibe, it's an alternate reality where the music just grabs your entire being and takes you into another place.

So here's what's up with me now. As mentioned I was using a creative xmod before *coughs laughs coughs hahahah* WELL I grabbed myself a Xonar Essence STX in partial thanks to recommendations, reviews, etc from you guys & this forum! and as soon as I hooked even these I will probably just estimate "lower end, but definitely still audiophile quality headphones" up to this card, I immediately fell in love. I've missed this incredibly sound so much that I have not heard since a few years ago when I spent thousands on a car system which I no longer have. The only other times I have been able to hear music this good is out at the clubs which of course is perfect, but of course we have to have this great sound daily .

So I was about to buy the ultrasone hfi-580's and then this card came. I decided this give these babies a chance and let them break in and wow as the days go by I am able to push these babies further and further and they sound really good and I very pleased. Of course being like we mofo's here are I am always wanting MORE HAHAH so I am ready to grab another pair and try something new.
Since I'm keeping these babies and just did some other upgrades to my computer and you're guys recent replies I think it's safe to say I'm going to just grab the M50's soon and try those for a bit. From the looks of things it seems like not far off ultrasone and beyers are the ones that will be getting their chance's too

Rock on guys this forum rocks a ton.
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And yeah I'm not sure what that Mr. Green guy was talkin about I see that he is banned maybe just looking for trouble? I mean we all have our opinions on the way we like our sound, regardless that's such an insane statement I shouldn't even have to waste the springs in my keyboard keys talking about it. That's just probably the craziest thing I've ever heard... lol I mean wow.
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Not sure what your preferences are, closed back or open, but I would stay with KSC75 until you can get better headphone, imo. Personally, I would invest in some portable amp for them, cos they will open up quite a bit. I use my with GoVibe Petite and they are great match, however now I got GoVibe Magnum and I think its even better, because of gain switch I mean, gives them more kick/energy. If I were you I would spare for W5000 instead of buying all that midclass, still good, but midclass headphones, waste of time and money especially. I tried W5000 with Petite and they sounded pretty good to. For open version, not sure, but you may want to try some modded, or even stock first, AKG K340, but they are pain in the a.s when it comes to drive them to their potentials, however used Darkvoice or Little Dot will do a job, just check de amp threads section. This is of course more than just 150-200 budget, but than again, will give you more at the end for much longer run instead of upgrading all the time, imo.
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haha thanks man good advice! you gotta read the updates though lol I hear that though I do the same thing sometimes and race through
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if you love bass you must love ultrasone..
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Another Suggestion

It sounds like you may still like an open set of headphones mainly for the soundstage qualities. I have another relatively inexpensive solution possibly; you may look into purchasing a pair of Philips HP-910's from Overstock.com. They are under $40 USD right now. They may have the best slammin' tight bass response for a open headphone I have. They throw a fairly wide and deep soundstage also. They have fairly extended highend that is quite sparkly and pleasant. The midrange is a little recessed (not a bad thing for most modern music), but it is there and I think sounds quite natural. I've had mine for about three weeks, I loved them so much I bought a second pair. I've played them with classic rock, alt. rock, electronica and even classical and I have not found a genre I did not think they worked badly. For under $40they are a steal (almost an impulse buy). Philips no longer produces these headphones, jump on them; I don't think you will be disappointed. They also work well with a dedicated SS headphone amp or a portable source like a Creative Zen. Happy Listening.
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