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FS: Mini-to-Mini cables

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Here are a bunch of mini-to-mini cables I made a long time ago. They've been collecting dust on my desk for ages:

A: 8-strand braid, 4 copper (ground) / 4 silver (signal) SOLD
B: 3-strand copper SOLD
C: 3-strand copper SOLD
D: 3-strand copper SOLD
E: 3-strand, 2 copper (signal) / 1 silver (ground) SOLD
F: 3-strand copper SOLD

I'm asking $8 per cable with $2 shipping (shipping will obviously be a bit more if you live outside of the U.S. though).

Thanks for looking!

(Note to any mods/whomever this may concern: mbriant has approved my selling of these cables. I'm selling these at a loss and I have no plans of making more, I just want to move them to a better home!)
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I'd like to reserve A + E
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I'll take one
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PM for last 2


You have pm
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I'll take C please.

PM sent.
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A quick note to all of those who PMed me in the last twelve hours or so: cables C and D are currently on hold and will likely be sold. I'll respond to you individually tonight when I have the time.

Thanks for all the interest
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I found another one! This little guy was hiding underneath some ancient homework.


Cotton-insulated copper, 3 strands, I think it's 22AWG but I could be wrong.

Note: This is a rather short and stiff cable (it's solid-core copper inside heatshrink, inside TechFlex). You should only consider this if you have a very short distance between components. If it doesn't work out, I'll accept returns.

Same price of $8 + $2 shipping.

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Okay, I swear this is my last one. I found this one buried even further underneath paperwork.


Six-strand silver, Neutrik connectors, etc.

Same price of $8 + $2 shipping.

All of my cables have been sold! Thanks so much for all of the interest.
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Absolutely all sold? Nothing left hidden? lol If by a miracle you find one or two I'd be interested... thanks
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