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Yeah, I've decided to go with the M50 over the SRH750DJ as well. For me, the highs are too piercing from the Shures. For what ever reason, the M50 just have a sound that is really complete. The Shures sounded like brighter, but more defined RP-21. I liked the RP-21 because they just sounded like a more natural headphone. I don't know, but the Shure just does a lot of things really weird, and outside of just the sound as well (2.5 terminated, partially coiled cable??? Overly wide headband, yet somehow unaccommodating for larger heads. "Creaking" mechanical hinges) They may just be an acquired taste or I'm weird and like Ultrasones. I don't doubt they are terrific headphones, but not what I was looking for.

I guess maybe a better way to describe the Shures is that they seem to recess the music behind the bass, and only the high highs can pierce through. Otherwise I feel the M50's sound is all there, pronounced highs, but not piercing, maybe because everything seems a bit upfront to begin with. I also find the bass much more natural compared the the Shures. The Shures just feel "dark" (and listening to a "dark" headphone may allow me to term that correctly, but I'm still unsure what dark sounds like. If I had to say any headphone I've listened to was dark, it was these Shures) I think they might be better geared to a different person or different genre than what I listen to.
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Sony MDR V6, anyone? In general good for a lot of purposes but the Sony sound is something you have to like. Although I'm not a bass head, the bass of the V6-es really is good. Good bass + overall good sound + easy on sources = good option.
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Haven't heard the SRH 750 but if it costs 50% more than the M50 and fit may be uncomfy, I'd say the M50s are the better buy if the SQ difference is just a little better.

But I honestly cannot imagine the M50 being described as "cold," "recessed mids" and "muddy bass." Just does not compute. The SRH 750s must be one hell of a can to illicit that kind of statement.
Not really. I think for about the same price, M-Audio Q40 has tighter bass and warmer lower midrange and no recessed upper mids like on the M50. However, Shures should be in a different league. According to warrior05, they basically sound like SRH840 with less treble emphasis. That is great news, because SRH840 is indeed one hell of a can for the price. There are quite a few people here on head-fi who prefer them to cans costing a lot more. I know one head-fi'er ranked them as high as his Grado RS2 and another one preferred their sound over that of Grado GS1000. If the SRH750 DJ indeed sounds like SRH840 or similar in the mids and bass, then I can safely assume that they will blow ATH-M50, M-Audio Q40, HD25-1 and many other closed headphones in that price range out of the water in sound quality. And the best part is that unlike SRH840, the 750 DJs do not require an amp to sound great, because they are more sensitive.
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