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Homesteaders and Samurai are my current favor. In fact, I have just finish a Smurai game today
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I while back I used to play some board games with a few graduate students in my university, we played a different one each week, the one I remember though was Descent, that game would last hours and hours--games would end at 2,3,4am, not good for getting any work done the next day!

I've yet to play settlers of catan, is it all that people say it is?
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I have Settlers (yes, it's a great game, vagarach) and Carcassone (also great fun). For Christmas, I got Dominion. It's more of a card game, and I've only played it a few times, but it's really growing on me and I can see how it'll remain interesting for a long time. I've yet to win at it, though!
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Dominion is a great deck building game. Highly rated and easy to play. Tonnes of replayability.
Carcassonne is the game that got me hooked on euro boardgames. Settlers is a neat game, and you owe it to yourself to try it, if you haven't already done so.
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I'm a huge boardgame geek. I have somewhat-regular boardgame sessions with a bunch of my similarly inclined friends. Ironically, even though I'm actually in Germany, I mostly avoid "euro games" and play British or American boardgames instead. Dominion is fun, I still play Carcassonne occassionally, but I far prefer the likes of Robo Rally, Illuminati! - The Board game, Munchkins or War on Terror.

My most recent acquisition is's DIY boardgame adaption of Advance Wars. Can't wait to try that on Friday, I've always loved the Nintendo games.
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For non-standard board games I think that Acquire, Settlers of Catan (already mentioned several times), and Axis & Allies are all great games. I'm actually surprised to see that A&A hasn't been mentioned yet.


From reading this thread, it looks like Carcassonne might be up my alley. I had never heard of it before. Thanks for the recommendation.

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From reading this thread, it looks like Carcassonne might be up my alley. I had never heard of it before. Thanks for the recommendation.

If you're going to pick up a Carcassonne, I'd recommend "The City" version.  It is a nice balance of rule complexity and free-form gameplay.  I like it significantly better than the original, Hunters & Gatherers, and The Tower, and my wife and several friends agree.  Haven't played all the various versions though.

I've recently enjoyed Power Grid.  Plays well with 3 people, even better with 4-6.  Agricola allows surprisingly deep strategizing, and has awesome replayability, but tends to feel like multiplayer solitaire.  I quite dislike Ticket to Ride, though I can't say why, exactly.  Settlers of Catan is fun, and is the classic "gateway game" for a reason.  But whenever I play with new players (which is most times), the game is dominated by those early rolls.  Lost Cities, good quick game for 2.  Puerto Rico never fails to be enjoyable, if you can get everyone to pay attention through the setup and rules.  Citadels is an awesome transportable game--a deck of cards plays reasonably well with 2-9 players, and it's cheap to replace if you "donate" it to a new home.  I also enjoy Clue, a classic American board game with real gameplay mechanics and every game is unique.

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Settlers or Catan and Starcraft the Board Game are the only 2 worth playing. Well, as far as strategy games go for me.

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I have a few, but my favorite isn't really a boardgame, but I love it anyway: Killer bunnies & the quest for the magic carrot...

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