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I have bought equipment from Jack and Dr. Lloyd. Both are excellent to deal with. Don't understand the term "snake oil " used with Dr. Lloyd. Facts in this case may be not be correct. I would check them again to be sure.
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Originally Posted by Double F View Post
I was looking at both but choose Woo. Jack at Woo does not preach all the snake oil crap that Mapletree does.
You really need to explain yourself here.
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Regarding the snake oil assertion, I am wondering if Double F got his companies confused. I seem to recall another audio company with "maple" in its name that sells a variety of different tweaks and specialized wires that some may consider "snake oil" given the subjectivity associated with these kinds of tweaks. I have not heard a Mapletree Amp, but the website is certainly devoid of anything that I would consider far reaching in terms of claims or substance.
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My Bad, I was thinking of Mapleshade. Sorry for the confusion.
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Great, all is well that ends well. Now where is my coffee?
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Everyone was about to go to war for MAD. lol That says something about a company.
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If interested, here's a short review I wrote on the Mapletree Sugarmaple Sidewinder:



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