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Woo or Mapletree?

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I'm selling some stuff to fund my first tube amp. I've read as much as I could find, looking for tubes that will be compatible with low and high impedance phones. RS1i, D5000 and DT880/600 to be exact. I've read many good things about the Woo WA6 and Mapletree Ear+HD for low and high impedances. They are close enough in price that I just can't make a decision. I was wondering if you all could help me by answering the poll and explaining why you prefer the amp that you do. I'd really appreciate your input.

So is your preference Woo WA6 or Mapletree Ear+HD?

Thanks in advance.

Of course other suggestions are welcome, but please, nothing more expensive than these two. My wallet is feeling sorry for itself.
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If you read the posts here, you will understand you are comparing Apples and Oranges.
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Originally Posted by kunalraiker View Post
If you read the posts here, you will understand you are comparing Apples and Oranges.
Well, I'm not just going to toss a coin. There must be a reason to choose one over the other. Unfortunately, I have no way to test them. Just asking for input, that's all. Perhaps you could mention your preference between them?
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Other than looks, the sound signatures of the amps are also different. I can tell you that I did not like the sound of the RS1i out of the Woo Audio 6 SE for the short period of time that I had it. If you can afford it, the WA6SE has amazing dynamics, impact, and ginormous soundstage when used with the Sophia Princess.

I'm currently using the MAD Ear+ Purist HD with Sylvania GB and that gets me about 90% there. It's not quite as powerful and impactful I'll say, but has a smoother, easier presentation.

The Woo 6 is filled with excitement and liveliness, the MAD Ear+ HD lets me relax and enjoy the music.

Oh..and the reason I sold the Woo Audio 6 SE was because I didn't care for the color, there was too much silver aluminum. It was too big, bulky for me to keep for my living area. And the sound was too forward and "in your face" for me.
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I think you have done great research -- these are exactly the two I would be studying if I was going to buy a new tube amp now for my dynamics. And I wouldn't know how to choose either.

I have heard my own DT880/600 and my wife's D2000s (not D5000) with Woo tube amps at NY and NJ meets. Very impressive and sharp sounding, in a good way.

But the Mapletree Ear+HD turns my head from the reviews and web site description.

I'm afraid I'm no help, I will be watching the answers too.

Based on Semi's post, I would go with Woo if I had to choose today, since I use 'stats when I want euphonics, I use dynamics for PRAT and fowardness, and Semi gives the nod to Woo for that.

If you're thinking of used Stax or other 'stats some day, maybe that would influence your thinking.
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D5000 and DT880/600 sound great with Woo6 but not so much with RS-1 I had.
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Well, I have 2 of the phones listed (Grados, Denons and have a DT880 250ohm). Have a Woo, but not a WA6. Have the Ear+HD and drives all three phones with authority and no fatigue. I have tried various 12AX7, 5751 and finally settled on a Sylvania 7025.

I voted Ear+HD...
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Watching this poll/thread with interest. I have a similar decision to make (although not urgently) about finding a really nice tube amp for my grados and beyond. The Ear+ HD seems to get a very positive response, particularly paired with the RS1. Does anyone know the average wait time from order -> delivery for the MAD? I gather the Woo6 takes around 4-6 weeks.
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I'm personally enjoying my RS1 through my WA6. I feel that the synergy is largely tube dependent though.
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although it requires a bit of work on your part here is what I would do in your shoes:
Buy the Mapletree used. yes, thats right. NOW! buy it.

Take it to a meet. There are meets (not quite all the time, but close enough) in your area. Drive an hour or 2 if you need to, its worth it.

Someone is borderline gauranteed to have the woo6 there, its been one of the defacto budget/entry amps, with great reason as it sounds great. park your gear next to theirs. compare. Taah! Daah!

If *you* (the person who has to own and listen to this gear...) like the woo better than the MAD, sell the MAD and buy the WOO. If you like the MAD better just keep it. Simple. If you play your cards right all it costs is a few beans for shipping and a few more to hit the meet.

Plan B if you can afford to be out of the cash for BOTH amps simultaniously is to buy both and sell the one you dont like. Again, its not likely to cost more than the cost of shipping in the long run if you play your cards well.
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Originally Posted by St3ve View Post
Does anyone know the average wait time from order -> delivery for the MAD? I gather the Woo6 takes around 4-6 weeks.
Mine took about 5 weeks. Just like Jack, the good Dr. builds to order. You can check the progress on the Mapletree site queue.
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If it were me and my ears, I would get the woo. The Mapletree is a fine product, but the woo is the new Singlepower minus the shady stuff.
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If it's any importance to you, Woo's wiring neatness is much better. Has nothing to do with sound quality I know. I'm just picky when it comes to that sort of thing. I should add wiring neatness is meaningless without sound quality backing it up. The Woo's deliver in that department. Does the WA6 sound better than the Mapletree? I couldn't tell you. I never heard one..
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Thanks everyone for your comments. Both amps seem to very good for all impedances in the same price range.

@nikongod - That sounds like a good idea. There's a meet coming up about between Portland and Seattle next month so might be doable.

@Heatfan12 - Your "no fatigue" comment is one I've ran across a few times while reading about the Ear+HD. I like the sound of that.

@SemiAudiophile - You mention that the Ear+HD has a "smoother, easier presentation." This was the reason why I started this thread, to be able to pick the one that sounds warmer and more relaxed.

@atbglen - Thanks for mentioning wiring neatness. That does mean something to me, but the sound presentation will be the deciding factor in the end.

What a wonderful decision to have to make in life.
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Woo2 is supposed to have a more warm presentation than the Woo6 also, so it may be an option to check out.
I know they made it more versatile in driving other phones now and more powerful than older models, and there are a few configurations of it, ie. pre-outs or headphone only model, maxxed boutique parts or stock parts, etc.
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