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Headphones on Amazon

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I have a question about headhpones purchased on Amazon. I have never bought any (or anything for that matter) on Amazon. Where do the headphones come from? Are they purchased from the manufacturer, B stock, or do people use amazon to sell their wares like on Ebay? Sorry for the ignorance. But it seems like every headphone I look at on Amazon is sooooo much cheaper than if you buy through authorized dealers.
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Pretty much all of the above. Amazon itself is an authorized dealer for a lot of products. Companies like J&R Music, 47th St. Photo (I think), etc. sell through them in addition to having their own sites, there's a place for folks to sell their used stuff--I've bought some books and CD's that way. I've not run across any B-stock resellers but they're likely out there.

One Amazon trick is to watch for spot discounts. Amazon will 'test the waters' as it were by knocking the pins out of a price for one product when you're looking at something else. Towards the bottom of each product's page you'll see a side-scrolling listing of other, similar products. Sometimes one of them will have an amazing price: I was there looking for a new espresso machine. Got to looking at the stuff at the bottom of the page for a machine and there was a LaPavoni Stradavari for 600 bucks. List on that puppy is 900 and discounts usually don't get them below 700-800. I'll likely be able to sell it for pretty much what I paid for it if I ever decide to let it go.

Amazon is a huge outfit. I've never had a problem with them. You'll likely get a reply or two of a Amazon horror story but the fact is every on-line vendor (storefronts, too) make mistakes. We should all be as perfect as we'd like our resellers to be....
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Buying from Amazon is fine. Buying from a company through Amazon you should check with the manufacturer if they are authorized to sell them. Manufacturers will not honor warranties if they are bought from unauthorized sources.
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yea, you should always check "more options" for sellers to see who is selling what. dont just pick the first one they show for u. also, if youre not sure if theyre authorized, ask which ever company youre buying. i emailed sennheiser and they responded quickly saying that the company in question was authorized.
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Under the product description and above the price you will see who the seller is. I would always check on their rating first. I ahve had no problems buying from Amazon as the seller, but I have had problems with a third party seller who sent me the wrong item.

Amazon apparently now make more money hosting such sellers than they do selling stuff themselves. There is a major Amazon depot near where I live. Huge lorries come and go all day and you can see through the windows the conveyor belt system for storing and finding the items as thye are ordered. It is very impressive. Amazon can undercut other sellers by bulk buying and keeping costs down through economies of scale.
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I buy all kinds of headphones and other gear directly from Amazon, but nothing from the other sellers. If it lists J&R, I will just go to J&R and get the same price, with free shipping.
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To date, I've placed 219 orders through Amazon (at least, that's according the the order confirmation emails I've had) over the last two years. I can remember having 3 problems with different orders, but they were always resolved quickly using Amazon's "Call me now" help feature.

Some large purchases include a 67" Samsung TV, a $1000 Onkyo receiver, and of course, headphones! As people have said, Amazon is a dealer for many companies, and many small companies also sell through them (it will usually say under the price: "Sold by XXX through Amazon").
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I absolutely love Amazon and have never had any issues with them or through their 3rd party sellers. I've made around 200 purchases from them in 2009, and had absolutely zero issues with the product or shipping.

As other posters have said, sometimes their deals are ridiculously cheap and may make some people go, "hmmmm...", but in my case, it's always a good 'hmmm'

Also, I have a Prime account with them. It's basically a paid shipping account for $70 bucks annual that gives you unlimited free 2 or 3 day shipping on items sold by Amazon (or filled by amazon). Over night shipping is only $4 dollars...crazy awesome.

I'm actually about to pull the trigger now on an HD650 and SR325is ...I'm still debating if I want the HD800 instead! Amazon has all of them.
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Amazon is amazing for buying headphones. Their return policy is hassle free if you bough the item directly from Amazon. Since headphones are so light to ship, you can usually have them shipped next day air for $15-20.
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Also, if you're in the US, gather up all your loose change and take it to a Coinstar machine. You can turn your coins into a Amazon gift certificate for no transaction fees
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buying from amazon.com themselves mean certain safety and products in full retail package right ? please help me...

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Originally Posted by seanchow View Post

buying from amazon.com themselves mean certain safety and products in full retail package right ? please help me...

If the item is listed as "New" from Amazon then yes, and if you do have a problem Amazon has excellent customer service.

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Buying stuff from Amazon so far hasn't been a problem.

There was a hitch once, but Amazon made sure the hitch I faced was resolved ASAP.

Great service I must say. smily_headphones1.gif

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Buying direct from Amazon you should be 100% fine.  Look for "ships from and sold by Amazon.com."  I've used them for years and have always been a happy customer.


But, buying from an Amazon reseller could introduce a bit of risk.  Though I haven't had any problems myself.  Just check the seller rating and go from there. 

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"Sold from blah blah blah and fulfilled by Amazon" is another category.  Like so-




In this case, if something goes wrong with your order, you'll be dealing with Amazon to get things fixed up.

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