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svyr purchased my Aune dac/amp. Prompt payment, great communication and a very smooth transaction!
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I arrived yesterday.
I thank for careful correspondence.

The Headphone of the article was very clean, too.
I look forward to the continued enjoyment of your favor.

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Trade my ER6i for Denon D1001. No problems whatsoever.
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Just got AKG k702 w/ custom cable.


Came very well packaged, amazing condition (like brand new) and the headphones sound amazing (which is always a positive in this field)!


Was a pleasure to deal with, was able to have a bit of a chat to him while waiting for the headphones to arrive in the mail and he went very much out of his way to post them on a Saturday.


Would strongly urge anyone considering a purchase from him to definitely go ahead.

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Just sold my Denon D5000 to SVYR

Very smooth transection, and a nice to deal with.

BTW The deal was done in person, he was kind enough to allow me to try his headphone collections!

I would definitely do business with him again!

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Just got a Beyer DT48 from svyr. Transaction went without a hitch. He even helped me track the package because the shipping companies were oddly silent about the status of the package. Everything turned out well in the end.



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I was considering buying a pair of K340 from syvr.  I didn't actually go through with the sale, but he put so much into his responses to me, I felt I ought to write something here.  He really went out of his way to give me as much information as possible.  He wrote me multiple emails with very detailed breakdowns of shipping costs, different options, and detailed explanations, and warned me about the best ways to ship from Australia.  Wouldn't hesitate to buy from him if the opportunity comes up in the future.

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I sold svyr my Stax 2050A he paid quickly and I highly recommended him as a buyer. Just watch out for his strong bargaining skills :)

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Needless to say more: good guy and happy transaction. The condition of the earphone is totally beyond my expections. Looking forward to our next deal:)

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Traded my Grado HF-2 for Vlad's Denon D5000 for a week. Everything went smoothly and he has excellent communication. Would not hesitate to do business with him again =)

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Vlad bought SRM-300 + SRS-404 Signature from me.
Excellent communication, fast payment according to what he say.
Strongly agree with the graben,
Originally Posted by graben View Post

Just watch out for his strong bargaining skills :)

Thank you... 

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Bought a Stax 2050A in what would probably be one of the fastest Head-Fi transactions ever.


The time taken from me expressing interest to receiving the Stax Earspeakers was under 12 hours (we both live in Melbourne area).


Excellent communication and keeps his goods in excellent condition.


Thank you very much!

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Vlad obviously was not in the mood to bargain! He offered a very fair price. I accepted. He paid (way faster than I anticipated !). End of story.

Great with communication... and a pretty fair sense of humor too. 


Great head-fi'er. 



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=) FYI, I bought Shane's SM3 :D.

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Great guy, was very quick to reply, very trustworthy! Very happy with my denons. Was upfront, and truthful. Would buy from again!

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