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Looking for some new psybient ala Shpongle, Yggdrasil and Androcell.

Any suggestions?
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take a deep breath.

Shulman, Cell, Kliment, Mushroom Lab, Natural Born Chillers #1 & 2 (compilations), Matt Hillier (a.k.a ishq, ishvara, Elve), Anahata, Solar Fields, Sync24, Zymosis, The Infinity Project (specifically, the Mystery of the Yeti #1 & 2 albums), Kaya Project, Asura, Easily Embarrassed, Bluetech.

for a start...
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Originally Posted by Acix View Post
Not really the same thing - downtempo electronic is a much broader subgenre than downtempo psytrance.
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Kuba is worth a listen

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Getting into etheogenic and zero cult too!

Really liking kaya project (cheers).

For the record, I'd consider Solar Fields ambient moreso than psybient.
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Sasha "Airdrawdagger"
Goatika Creative Lab "Levitation"
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Originally Posted by aconteceu View Post
Sasha "Airdrawdagger"
That would generally be classified as "progressive house," but it's a good album nonetheless.
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Interchill, Liquid Sound Design, Chillosophy, Chillcode and Celestial Dragon record labels

Somnia and Ultimae for more ambient

A new cd mixed by Androcell just got released on Celestial Dragon which is why I'm bumping this,
also check out Future Sound Theory on the same label if you're looking for wobble bass.
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Has anyone heard of Karsh Kale?
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when the op said psybient I took it to mean psy-dub based on the artists he mentioned...
So which genre are we talking about here, or are they the same?
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Third Ear Audio, check it out.
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Originally Posted by beatfreak View Post
Third Ear Audio, check it out.
this project is pretty prime. +1

also more psy-dub than psybient.

check out Sync24 - Source
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Just discovered Sysyphe - Running Up That Hill. Very good dubby psychedelic :




Purchased the wav version, was worth it :)

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Jake Stephenson
Flooting grooves











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