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Please post a short comment if you have done any buy/sell/trade transactions with me!

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bought Audeo ear guides from fallingreason.
Pretty prompt correspondence, smooth transaction.
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fallingreason is a very nice huy to deal with. I bought his Sansa Fuze. He packed it well and shipped very fast. I highly recommend him!

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Allan bought my Ah-D1001. It was a smooth and nice transaction, I highly recommend doing business with him and I wish him very good luck in his career. Thanks Allan!

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Sold Allan a set of Sennheiser HD600. He was very professional and quick to respond. Gave an immediate follow-up, as well. Allan is a great buyer.


Thanks again, Allan!

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I sold Fallingreason my AKG 701's and it was a very fast and very smooth transaction. I couldn't be more pleased doing business with him. I rate him a 10/10!

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Purchased AKG K701's.  Easy transaction.  Excellent condition.  Thoroughly satisfied! 

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Purchased Sennheiser IE7's which arrived very quickly and were in great condition. Good communicator and nice guy. A+

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Sold Allan my IE8's.  I couldn't have asked for an easier transaction.  Thanks again Allan and I hope you enjoy the headphones!  Recommended!

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Bought a Cardas Mini to Mini from Allan, good comunication about shipping, arrived safe and sound.  2 thumbs-up! :)

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