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Pandora One

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I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this.

Has anyone tried Pandora One? Has anyone tested this? Is it really 192? How is the sound quality? Is it worth spending the $36/year to upgrade from the free?

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if you were going to pay for an internet radio, MoG.com has a much better offer. way bigger selection, response, community, quality.
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I didn't even know mog existed before this previous poster mention of it. Just started using a trial of it. It seems pretty nice and all.

However, as far as music discovery goes, nothing beats Pandora to me. Their algorithm or whatever they're doing behind the scene is always surprising me with new artists and bands that I simply would have never come across without them. As far as I can tell the sound is indeed 192kb/s. It certainty isn't the absolute highest quality, but very passable for my ears.

As for justifying the price, think of it this way:
$36 is roughly the same price as 4 digital album downloads. In the time span of a year, you'll surely listen to more than $36 worth of music considering the playback is unlimited. But what makes it even more worth it imo is the discovery.

Alternatively you can just stick with the free version for finding new music, although the quality isn't up to par.
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What even is Mog.com?
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Well, I mean, what kind of sound quality is Mog.com? Is it 192?
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I just wish Pandora One did 192k sound for the iphone (via wifi of course).

None of the iphone internet radio stations are even listenable with decent headphones. All I hear are artifacts.
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Can anyone comment on the quality of Pandora One? Is 192k enough for high quality? Or is it lacking

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Originally Posted by Oddworld View Post

Can anyone comment on the quality of Pandora One? Is 192k enough for high quality? Or is it lacking

I get along with it fine. I would prefer around 256kps but unless you have really nice gear, it is dandy.

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I just finished my 1 year subscription to Pandora. For streaming radio they are a pretty good deal. The limits on skipping is my only complaint.


I've been shopping around at other services now:


mog.com has the best interface, but they seem to lack some premium groups from their catalog. They don't have the Beatles, Led Zepplin and some others.


Right now i'm on the free trial of rhapsody.com, much better selection, but kinda pricey at $10 month.






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I like Pandora One, I use it with my speakers or Grado's. The 192kbs is most songs, however there is still some songs that don't sound that quality just because of how they recorded it. I would say its worth it. $3 for a month, with no commercials is pretty nice in my oppionion, plus you can make mixes and thumbs up or thumbs down the song. It learns what you like and I am very happy with what it plays for me. Try the trial out, if you like it then buy it. Personally I wanted the higher quality music, and no commercials.

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I just purchased a subscription. Anyone know what codec they have on the higher quality 192 kps audio?

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