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Matthew (eneloquent) bought a pair of Beyer DT770 Pro 80's from me. He was brand new to Head-Fi, but I've got to say, he was the most polite & courteous (always keeping in touch with e-mails + PM's) out of the many people who responded to my FS ad. Payment was sent when he said it was, and he didn't put up a stink when I asked to be paid via money order rather than PayPal (I don't have an account). In fact, this experience was so pleasant and I trusted Matthew so much from our correspondence, I sent him the cans even before payment arrived to me.

I'd truly recommend doing business with eneloquent. Welcome to Head-Fi, Matthew. Sorry about your wallet! zD
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Bought a pair of PC350's from me - as soon as I responded to his PM with an offer, 'Sounds great, let's do this' I had a payment waiting in my PayPal. Was my first selling experience with Head-Fi, and I must say, it was quick and painless.

Easily recommended.

Enjoy your new headphones!
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