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Burn-in query....

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Sorry, Search not working for me for some stupid reason!

Ok so this actually a few questions relating to headhones and amps in general ( port and home. )

Being an avid audiophile and DJ I already know a bit about running in speakers, Monitors and carts etc...
And I usually go by the manafacturers recommended methods.

However I am not very clued up on headphone and headamp burn-in, Which I really should be by now. Pretty frustrating actually.

Anyhows, Obviously like speakers I understand they need to be run in, I just don't now at what levels, for how long, Flat or coloured, what genre etc etc..

Now my RS130's, HD215's and Ti's have been in use for a good year and a half. The Ti's and 215's sharing listening and monitoring duties and they're sounding good. The Ti's are not so great but then they are Skull"Earkiller"candy's lol.
The way I ran them in ( educated guess at the time lol ) was to run my Prodigy Experience cd on my AZUR 540c through them via my headboxII at a third volume, No eq or colouring at all for about 4 days. The first run for the HeadboxII was paired with the 215's.
The 130's volume ( on the set themselves ) was at half when I did them.

Now, I have on the way two Chu Moy opamp2227's, a pair of hd218's and a pair of pioneer se mj3b's.
Sources will be an iPod 5th gen (?) and a Sony NWZE638F.
The iGrado's haven't really been run in as such but have been driven at low levels.

I'm not looking for any dissuasive arguments against my chosen purchases ( I'm on a very low budget currently and these were all I could afford )
Rather I would like to know the correct manner in which to carry out Burn-in's on my new gear when it all turns up.

Many thanks, Paul

p.s. Is there a welcome/intro thread anywhere in the forums??
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I am guessing, if you don't know, just play music/ or what ever audio through it at normal volumes.
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Is it not important to have them set up right though like you would with speakers?
I want to get the best out my gear as is possible.

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What I did with my HD 238s was just let some music that I listen a lot play over night for about a week. I would just try to choose something that has the full spectrum of low's to high's and let it play at a volume slightly higher than you would normally listen, just not to the point where it's distorting. This seemed to work for me, the lows seemed deeper and the highs improved noticeably after the burn in process.
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Originally Posted by ben4345 View Post
I am guessing, if you don't know, just play music/ or what ever audio through it at normal volumes.
What he said
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Thanks derek, Thats the kind of advice I'm looking for.
I've been going wrong on the levels for sure at the very least.
But that's what Im here for, To learn! lol.

Guys from what I've been reading, Burn-in is pretty much an advised thing to do no?
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I'm sure burning in does help to a certain extent. Make sure you listen to the headphones before too. I feel that some part of the burning-in process is also due to your ears getting used to the sounds.
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Try the search again.
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I've read it now
Stupid browzer! lol
It's as I thought, Same principle as Speaker Run-in.
I Know what I'll be doing now.

Thanks for the advice peepz
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