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Hey guys thanks all for your input the paper rustling noise has settled a lot from when I first got them and it only occurs on certain tracks like the one mentioned above so I am fairly content to keep them and can only see them getting better as they have improved imeasurably over the last 3 or 4 days - am still pretty impressed with how much sound they produce for 2 small speakers!

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I get no rustling sound when listening at comfortable sound levels, but when I increase the volume I definitely hear it. The XX track tho, I hear that even in my comfort zone. First time I've even experienced this.

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Yea there is still a rustling sound on some tracks but it's not distortion and it isn't anything as bad as when I first got them.  Space was a major concern for me in getting these speakers so they strike a good balance between small size and reasonably good sound quality - I guess you can't have everything lol



Thanks everybody

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I switched out the op amps in my Essence sound card today and that sound almost entirely went away (I would say 90% reduction)! I had the LT1358 installed and I replaced them with LT1469. Interesting...

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Wow that is interesting ive been using mine with a FiiO LOD from my iphone 4S and the paper rustling sound is not as pronounced.  It's definitely not distortion either becuase when I put my ear really close to it I can hear like a whoosh of air up inside the cone it's definitely something to do with the amount of air they push but maybe soundcard as well as you've just found out.  They also get much better the more you break them in - mine sound completely differnt today than they did yesterday thats over a week burn in now so it's very strange the way these speakers change with burnin.  I thought burnin was nonsense until I got these lol

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Ok, Intressting! normal_smile%20.gif


Yeah, they sound much better after a break-in period, this is because of the high quality speaker drivers.


The break in time can take a very long time, like 200+ hours normal music.

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Hey, seems I am reviving an old thread. I understood that the reason for the rustling noise, which I didn't check out yet.

The other noise, which sounds like pink noise, comes from power supply or speaker amp (it does not require any other cable connections than that to the power supply). It comes only from the right speaker as well. I do experience this noise after switching on as well, which after switching off stays for a few seconds.

My question is: Did this noise disappear with a new power supply or did the speakers need to be exchanged or is it just the way the speakers behave?


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Bump! Getting same crackling noise on some A2's . I feel these things pushing massive air. I'm afraid the design of this thing might not but up to par with the serious drivers these have. Its like a total tease. I want to crank these things and see what they can "really" do but I have them set nice and low so that the sound doesnt occur.

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Started getting a low static noise out of my A2s today. I've had them about a year. They should be dead silent when turned on and nothing is playing.


I moved them to another room and outlet and didn't connect any source. Same low static noise. Like a soda can sounds when you just open it and sit it near you.


I sent an email to support. They appear to have a 3 year warranty, which is good. I'll have them replaced. 


Hooked up my old speakers, man these things sound terrible. You don't realize how good something is until it's gone.

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I just bought a pair of A2+ speakers, and within 30 minutes of listening, they developed the same 'paper rustling' sound the OP was describing.

So, I disassembled the speaker and pulled out the synthetic wadding stuff they have filling the empty space inside the speaker cabinet. When I put the wadding back in, I was sure to push some in between the bottom speaker area and the tweeter area. KAPOW... the buzzing sound is gone.

The interior build quality of the speaker does not remotely resemble the exterior fit and finish... lots of wood shavings and a bit of stray metal.  The screws are pretty cheap, and a couple of mine almost stripped out, so be careful

Anyway, if your A2+s are still making that rattling, buzzing sound, it's worth disassembling them and rearranging the polyester fuzzy stuff inside. It got rid of my buzzing sound. Just be sure to get all the wires back where they go, but this is otherwise a pretty idiot proof procedure. 

Some previous replies had mentioned burn-in as a remedy for this problem, and the only thing I can imagine that burn in would do is SLOWLY, and by sheer force applied over time, push the fuzzy stuff away from contacting the speaker cone.

... I realize this thread is dead, but it's the closest thing I've found to the problem I had, and if anyone can get help from this, great.

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